‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: S7E8 “Hearts Still Beating”

This week on The Walking Dead, Negan’s unexpected visit to Alexandria has dire consequences.

Last week Carl took a trip to the Sanctuary where Negan showed him just how the other side lives. Negan was impressed with Carl’s attempt on his life so much that he tried to play a parental role for him. Being a good sport, Negan returned Carl to Alexandria as he and the Saviors awaited Rick for some more taunts. While foraging for supplies for Negan, Rick and Aaron discovered a cache of weapons, but they would have to wade through a zombie-infested lake in order to get them. In addition, someone helped Daryl facilitate an escape from the Sanctuary, but is it a trap?

This week’s episode begins with Maggie slowly gaining support as the potential leader of Hilltop. Of course, Gregory is not a fan of that and he tries to continue his politics. She continues her routine of visiting Glenn’s grave while standing guard, but now she’s got the pregnancy munchies as another guard reminds Gregory to pass her an apple. Sasha still is keeping her side deal with Jesus a secret as she doesn’t want Maggie to get involved.

Rick and Aaron go through treacherous waters and find a stash of guns (with no bullets) that they will deliver to Negan. When they arrive at Alexandria they talk about their current situation and both agree it’s better to stay alive than die by Negan’s hand. When they arrive at Alexandria to deliver the goods, a few of the Saviors rough up Aaron as Rick is forced to sit and watch.

Over in Alexandria, a freshly shaven Negan, continuing to play house while awaiting Rick’s returns. He even forces Carl to pass the biscuits while they eat at the table together. Olivia remains by Carl side, even though Negan terrifies her because she made a promise to Rick to watch Baby Judith.

Michonne takes her captive Savior with the hopes of taking out Negan, but is in for a surprise when she learns just how large their army is.

Over at the Hilltop Ezekiel’s number two Richard recruits Morgan and Carol to help launch a first strike against the Saviors because he knows that the Kingdom will fall if they continue to deal with The Saviors. Both Morgan and Carol and skeptical, especially Carol.

Daryl finally decided to escape after receiving the “go now” message in his cell. Unsure who left it, he takes a chance and opts for escape. After getting a new pair of clothes and scarfing down some peanut butter, he makes his way out, making an encounter with Fat Joey before escaping with a just arrived Jesus.

Thanks to Spencer’s treachery, and Rosita’s boldness, Negan stops playing house and proceeds to kill a few people where he gives Rick yet another warning about upsetting the way of the world.

In the aftermath, Rick and Michonne have a brief chat where she tells him that they have survived this long by fighting, and they need to fight once again. The whole group heads to Hilltop where they are reunited with Maggie, Sasha, and Daryl as they decide it’s time to fight against Negan.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode.

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