‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: “Say Yes”

Last week on The Walking Dead, Eugene was taken into Savior territory (The Sanctuary) where he was given a hero’s welcome. While he got to see the “good side” of siding with his enemies, he also saw once again the evil warlord that Negan is. Eugene also perfected his lying and showed once again how valuable his mind (and his lying tongue) can be in the apocalypse. He ended up saying that he’s “Negan,” weather that remains to be a lie, or if he has turned sides remains to be seen.

This week starts with Rick and Michonne on the road, honoring their deal with the Garbage People, their “new best friends.” In between clearing houses and gathering supplies, the two find time to embrace in passion a few times (good for them). The two stumble upon a zombified soldier, which means there’s got to be guns somewhere. They stumble on a fair populated with zombies, that ends up to have everything they need. As the two share a nice meal, they talk about the future after they deal with Negan. As they talk, she wants to head back with their new supplies, but Rick wants them to take their time as there’s no rush to take it all back. As they try to leave, they get caught by a swarm of zombies. The two manage to fight them off and escape with the guns.

Meanwhile, Rosita is still impatiently wanting to enact her revenge against Negan, much to Tara’s disappointment. Tara still must lie about Oceanside. After all, a promise is a promise. Tara reminds her to quell her anger for The Saviors when the time is right, but she’s still impatient and goes off to look for guns herself, risking her life for a cap gun. She shares a moment with Father Gabriel to vent her frustrations for him interfering with her trying to kill Negan and he gives her a nice pep talk to tell her what she needs. Tara is also feeling some guilt over not telling everyone about Oceanside. To help absolve herself of the guilt, she gives the Oceanside bracelet to a baby Judith as she is now her “therapist.” Tara makes a decision on what to tell Rick while Rosita makes a decision of her own.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode. Click Next to continue (Spoilers obviously) …


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