‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: “Something They Need”

Last week on The Walking Dead, The Saviors came to the Hilltop to retrieve a new doctor. While in hiding Daryl apologized to a forgiving Maggie for getting Glen killed. Gregory weaseled his way with The Saviors once again. Meanwhile, Sasha and Rosita attempted to enact their quest for vengeance against Negan. While they were unsuccessful, Sasha locked Rosita out of The Sanctuary and tried to kill Negan on her own.

Rick leads a group of the Alexandrians to go looking for Oceanside as they have a plethora of guns. Knowing that even trying to meet them will be a confrontation, Rick makes preparations. Tara knows she’ll feel guilty if a confrontation occurs, she’ll feel guilty even if one doesn’t as she betrayed their trust, but her group is desperate. Tara tries to broker an agreement with Oceanside, but Rick launches a preemptive strike beforehand. As Rick is trying to forcefully negotiate an agreement, some sea zombies interrupt them, forcing Oceanside and Alexandria to work together to take them out. Rick and the group leave, taking Oceanside’s guns. When they return to Alexandria, Rosita has a surprise guest for them, a defector!

At the Hilltop, Maggie is continuing to exert leadership amongst the colony. Later on, Gregory comes to see her out in the field to attempt to mend fences. There’s a brief moment where he just might do something different. The two are interrupted by a few straggling zombies and we get to see just how weak Gregory is. Gregory later goes to his office, nurses his ego with some drinks, and then does for a drive.

At The Sanctuary, Sasha ends up being held prisoner after whatever happened the previous night (we didn’t get to see it), where she meets Dave. Dave her guard, wants to use the ropes she’s being held in for nefarious means. After a terrible proposal, Negan catches his advances on her and deals with Dave in the most Negan way possible. He offers her a position at The Sanctuary and gives her a choice. Eugene visits her in her cell and relays the same offer Negan gave. The next morning, Sasha joins The Saviors. Of course, Negan is not 100% convinces she has switched sides. The next day with Eugene, Sasha confides with him that she isn’t ready to join them and pleads with him to help her kill herself.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode. Click next to continue (Spoilers obviously) …


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