‘The Walking Dead’ S7E9 Recap: “Rock in the Road”

After a long mid-season break, The Walking Dead is back. At the mid-season finale, Daryl escaped the clutches of The Saviors and reunited with a newly inspired Rick. It’s now time for the Alexandrians to fight back against the Saviors and his nemesis, Negan.

The episode began with Father Gabriel packing supplies in a panic as he prepares to leave Alexandria. As he vacates the premises, he has another passenger traveling with him. Who that mystery passenger is at this point will remain a mystery.

At the Hilltop, please with Gregory fall on deaf ears and he is still too much a coward to want to take The Saviors head on. Good for Rick, though, he’s starting to gain some followers over at the Hilltop as there are a few people who are interested in joining the fight. The numbers still aren’t enough to deal with a group as vast as the savior. Jesus decides that now’s the time to introduce the Alexandrians to King Ezekiel and The Kingdom.

They have the same reaction Morgan and Carol has when meeting Ezekiel, Shiva and his extravagant ways. Rick and everyone has a reunion with Morgan (who finally finds the bad news about Abraham and Glenn) and then make a plea with Ezekiel to join with them against The Saviors. Even after a few good pep talks from both Benjamin and Richard, he still decides against an alliance. However, he does offer asylum for Daryl to remain at The Kingdom away from The Saviors.

After managing to find some of The Saviors’ dynamite, they head back to Alexandria where The Saviors are looking for the missing Daryl. After once again tearing the place apart, they warn that Daryl will die if found. Rick and co learn about the missing Gabriel and try to find him knowing, only to be caught by a new group. Surprisingly, Rick is happy.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode. Click next to continue.


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