‘The Walking Dead’ Violence Reduced After Season Premiere Criticism

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead season seven premiere opened with the death of two fan-favorite characters at the hands of the sinister Negan. With both characters being bludgeoned to death in a sequence that left nothing to the imagination, fans were subjected to levels of graphic violence that a number of viewers argued was excessive even for the famously gruesome show. Speaking during a panel at the NATPE conference, executive producer Gale Ann Hurd and AMC Networks president-CEO Josh Sapan addressed the reaction to the brutal deaths on the series and confirmed that the violence in later episodes had been toned down in response.

Hurd explained that following the negative reaction to the graphic deaths in the season premiere, episodes that had been in production at the time scaled back on the violence moving forward.

“We were able to look at the feedback on the level of violence. We did tone it down for episodes we were still filming for later on in the season.”

A number of fans argued that the level of violence in the premiere bordered on the line of gratuitous gore, a claim Hurd addressed. Variety reports:

“This is not a show that is torture porn,” she said. After the response to the finale, she said they gave strong consideration to making sure “we don’t cross that line.”

Sapan weighed in on the conversation, stating that the reactions confirmed just how much fans care about the series.

“When something matters a lot and it has a universality, then you’re bothered by it and you care about it.”

Now that it has been approximately three months since the premiere first aired, how do you feel about the level of violence in the premiere? Share your thoughts below!

The Walking Dead returns with new episodes on February 12, 2017 on AMC.

Source: Variety

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  • It was too far and also, the whole episode just didn’t earn what it was going for but its not just that episode’s fault – it was the build up of the previous season and pace to get to the point and the fallout of this season. The show keeps going to the “people being broken by the zombie apocalypse” well and the premiere was the step too far and it would of been better to finish the season on the deaths of those characters rather than the false cliff-hanger. We should of started the season with one episode of fall-out and ended the premiere with the recovery instead of stretching the aftermath across a half season. The violence isn’t the only element of the show that they have cried wolf too many time on now so it will be interesting if the show can course correct for the back 8… They seem to be getting the message if you believe the publicity they have been putting out there. I personally don’t want to ever see Andrew Lincoln do cry face in dread ever again… The next cry-face on the series better be over his daughter’s first steps!

    • flavortang


  • 12stepCornelius

    Oh come on! Its the Walking Dead FFS. If they’d cut away from Negan bashing their brains in and the aftermath, that episode wouldn’t have seen the impact (no pun intended) it did. People would be crushed Glenn and Abraham died, sure, but not to the extent that they were because of the level of violence that was shown towards those characters. It traumatized us as an audience, and pushed the show forward in a very bold way, which is why we started watching TWD in the first place, because of its no-punches pulled in terms of violence and subject matter. Now punches are being pulled on the cable network show that kept pushing the envelope. Just more reactionary PC bull**** here in 2017.