The Walt Disney Animation Library, Ranked From Worst To Best

51. Fantastia 2000 (1999)


At the bottom is Fantasia 2000, for the sins of not doing anything new with its material. It only serves as a shorter, less revolutionary version of the original, an unabashedly pale imitation for the focus-addled. I can’t think of any reason to watch Fantastia 2000 while the original is around. When the best sequence of your movie is a sequence from another movie, you’re in trouble in my book.

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • TaireSampson

    You want me to click through 52 different pages? Nah bro.

  • Sabre777

    This whole formatting of forcing us to click through pages is terrible. It is an off put, and it is not just this article.

  • Don S Gichuhi

    I know a list is somebody’s pick and their opinion but this one seems like a joke esp the Top 25

    • Vegas82

      Yeah, it’s like he drew them from a hat to decide the rankings. Especially when you read his reasoning.

  • Axxell

    You know, you could’ve at least made it so it shows 2 per page…but you got greedy…

  • G.I.Jew

    Ok, it’s just Disney movies put in random order.

  • Joe Chaisson

    Luckily this is just your opinion because I highly disagree with this list. But I will say Robin Hood surprisingly, in a good way, list high. I will give applause for that.

  • Trevor’s Axiom

    Lady and the Tramp at the bottom BOOOOO!
    Sleeping Beauty in the middle? It is fantastic because of the music BOOOOO