Watch ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ As Told Through Emojis


The Nightmare Before Christmas is easily one of the best and most memorable stop-motion animation to ever exist. It’s also one of the only movies you can watch during Halloween  and Christmas, so it gets double the love.

Disney, because only Disney can, has released a video detailing the entirety of the film’s characters and story as told through the use of emojis. Everything from Jack Skellington realizing that Halloween Town has been celebrating the same holiday year after year, to finding out about Christmas and the kidnapping of Santa Clause. It’s all there!

You can watch the entire video below!

The video’s release also helps to promote the Emoji Blitz game.

This is Halloween … As Told By Emoji! Watch emoji-fied versions of Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and more of your favorite spooky characters as they retell Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas like you’ve never seen before.

The film is over twenty years old at this point, but after watching the video, it’s still an immense source of joy. And although the movie isn’t particularly outdated, using the emojis as a fun spin on an older movie gives the film a bit of a boost into a new age.

What do you think of the video? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Disney

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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