10 Ways Batman Could Join The Arrowverse

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Batman Arrowverse DC ComicsThe team of Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim have done something that many thought wasn’t possible: make a TV universe better and more powerful than a film universe from the same company. While it isn’t perfect, there are many ways to improve it and the fans are clamoring for one name in particular.

Batman has been one of the most used comic book characters in almost every medium and with good reason. He’s the most popular character in DC Comics and probably the best depending on who you ask. But would placing Batman in the same universe as Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl work? Should The CW do it? These are the reasons why I think it would and should work.

Here are 10 ways Batman could join the Arrowverse. Hit Next to get started!

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  • Jay Tarrant

    I absolutely want Batman in the Arrowverse. It would be amazing. There have been name drops, references, everything except an actual appearance. Warner Brothers needs to just give up on the DCEU. They poor too much money and effort into it with none of the results they hope for. The Arrowverse needs a show that goes back to the darkness of Arrow season 1.