10 Ways DC Films Can Succeed

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Justice League DCAs DC fans, and even comic book fans in general, it is a sad time to behold in the world of DC Comics movies. Call it what you may (the DC Extended Universe or the DC Films Universe), but it’s no secret that DC has had a bad run with its recent films. With the undeniable critic annihilation of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and simple flop of Justice League, there are a lot of question marks surrounding the DC Extended Universe.

I’m a huge DC fan myself, and want nothing more than these movies to succeed and compete with Marvel on a larger scale, as I am sure many of you readers do as well. While Justice League and Batman v Superman were loved by many, DC and Warner Brothers have to take a long look at those movies and ask themselves what went wrong. Not only that, but they must take a look at movies like Wonder Woman (and even in some cases, Man of Steel) and ask the more important question: “What went right?”

As many people look at what can be done to save the DC Extended Universe, they instead should be looking for ways it can succeed from here. With that being said, here are ten ways (fact or speculation) DC Films can succeed from here. Click Next to get started!

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  • Cary David Hoffson

    It has been greatest year for dc.comics. With the t.v. shows

  • The ONE thing for WB to give us, above ANYTHING else…is Man of Steel 2. GIVE US MAN OF STEEL 2 *NOW*!!!

    • Bella

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  • Kſng Jafri

    Justice league was done badly .
    No storyline whatsoever.
    Action was mediocre at best .
    DC has the super hero power like nobody but movies nowadays has to be done right .
    Examples are like Iron man and Thor, which mainly are B grade super heroes to begin with .
    Zack Snyder just cannot handle this franchise and it was very visible with the way bvs dawn of justice league did.

    I have been a big justice league can but left the theatre after 30 minutes into the movie.

    For justice league to survive , they have to bring in a new director and much more

    • You left after 30 minutes and you’re making assumptions about the whole film?

  • adinda


  • Clark

    They need to announce the MoS sequel with Cavill and Adams. And it should have been done yesterday and then renew their contracts as well. And villain for the sequel would be awesome with Brainiac

    Also do a REAL TRINITY MOVIE as well

    • 39steps

      Enough with Brainiac. How about Lex Luthor or General Zod for a change.

      • Clark

        WTF 🤦‍♂️

  • Alabi Joshua

    Bro, you’re just an over-enthusiastic DC fan. Support the movies at any chance you can? Why would you Support what you dislike?
    You’re just being over-optimistic…
    P.S. You want the movies to compete with Marvel’s – evidence you just want to be justified as a die-hard DC cheerleader

  • me

    They need another Superman Movie! This is my problem with everything DC. Superman is the center of DC. Yes, I know Batman is the most popular. However, Superman is the leader. Man of Steel was a good movie, but, it was a reintroduction of Superman. They could have a sequel and a third movie from Man of Steel. Instead, I see no more solo movies for Superman, and, I hate it. Superman is all I really care about. I like the Flash and Aquaman, and, many of the other characters. However, Superman is who I get excited to see. Superman is the original character. So, DC needs to work to make Superman great, again. They had a good movie with Man of Steel, and, they should have followed it with a sequel. Instead, they rushed the movies to team ups and Justice League. DC NEEDS A SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!