10 Ways The X-Men Could Be Integrated Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Marvel Avengers X-Men
We have yet to learn exactly when Marvel plan on bringing their newest acquisitions, the X-Men and Fantastic Four, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it will require a lot of thinking in order to get it right.

With Avengers: Infinity War and its yet-to-be titled sequel rapidly approaching, it makes sense that we won’t see any new characters until after those movies, but it’s exciting to think they could already be on our screens in just over a year.

Hit Next to read ten ways that Marvel could possibly integrate the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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  • KnightSecular_

    problem with three is how would you explain decades long history with other characters? just pull a foxmen and pretend it doesnt exist in the comics?

    Nah they could easily say the mutants were in hiding, in the foox animated series no one even knew about mutants until night of the sentinels.

    Go back to that show, it perfectly displays how the mutants can pop up in the mcu.

    Sure people know about them, but like spiderman no ones talked about it yet, like spidey existing in the mcu and all they had to do was visit his corner of the universe.

    same with the xmen, cap could know logan from ww2 but not know he was a mutant, just a canadian super soldier with unknown origins.

    they could easily set xmen first class up for a 90s film, do weapon X and tell wolverines story which should take place at the same time as weapon X, then after a trilogy of double of those two franchises, you combine them into uncanny xmen with xmen gold and blue, night of the sentinels, xmen coming out of hiding, the world learning about mutants and then the true mcu is born.

    The template is in the comics, you just have to realistically match xmen events with events in the mcu, and it should fit in like a nice puzzle piece.

    40s magento is a kid wolverine meets cap on a black ops mission in WW2, we haven’t seen everything that happen at that time, so whos to say logan didn’t show up and cap saw him as an ally but cap wouldn’t know what a mutant was.

    skip all the way to the early to mid 90s, prof X is a teacher of the school for gifted youngsters and forms the first team of xmen, x men first class which consists of cyclops jean grey beast iceman and angel they go up against magneto and in the sequel another first class villain. at the same time weapon X could be taking place with saber tooth deadpool etc, then the sequel to that could be alpha flight and at the end hulk fights windigo and wolverine. Post credits scene is wolverine meeting prof X mirroring iron man meeting nick fury.

    modern day we open with a girl mutant named jubilee at the mall sentinels come after her she meets the xmen, mutants get exposed the rest is gold.

  • Matias Gagliardone

    I only ask that they recast most of the actors but leave Deadpool alone, maybe in a side universe

  • Axxell

    I like the idea of dropping the MCU in the middle of the House of M story… it’d basically turn the whole MCU on it’s head to learn that all this time Scarlet Witch was just playing a trick on the world by hiding the mutants, just as Thanos starts messing with the fabric of time/space.

  • Cameron Tevis

    I think it’s fairly obvious they will recast overall. It gives them a chance to do the characters correctly. Currently there are two Quicksilvers now and Josh Brolin would be two characters, rebooting solves both problems. Deadpool could be the single exception since he can break the 4th wall and potentially make this whole thing a hilarious moment in a film. But even Deadpool’s cast should be recast since they were poor choices. They could make Domino much better. They can also still integrate xmen history (such as wolverine and cap meeting each other) with all new cast