5 Ways ‘The Last Jedi’ Links To Greater ‘Star Wars’ Canon

The Raddus

Star Wars Raddus

Remember Admiral Raddus? The Mon Calamari was one of the first to join the crew of Rogue One on their mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. At first, Raddus and his crew were to simply escort Princess Leia Organa on her mission to meet with Obi-Wan Kenobi. But when the tides of battle were finally in the Rebels favor, Raddus provided full support. His involvement was key in the stealing of the plans and ultimately the Rebel Alliance’s first true victory against the Empire.

Thirty years later, Leia Organa has decided to honor one of the defining members of the Rebel Alliance. Raddus’ fate is unknown as Darth Vader and the Empire soon invaded his ship. It can be presumed either way that Raddus is dead as of the events of The Last Jedi. But it is nice to see that the key figures in the Battle of Scarif are not forgotten and are honored in the present day.

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