7 Ways The Marvel Cinematic Universe Can Improve

7. Cinematography

Cinematography Marvel Improve

On a more technical note, the Marvel films look very similar because of the’re shot. The MCU films all have a similar color palette and the way Marvel shoot these projects isn’t really anything groundbreaking. Marvel’s films tend to look very similar and this has worked for the most part, but the studio could improve on this aspect by employing alternate techniques and bringing on some good cinematographers to really give each film its own flair and style.

Sure, some of Marvel’s films such as Guardians of the Galaxy stand apart, but that’s because of their setting. The studio could easily take an alternate approach and find new ways to make these projects stand out. A fresh look could really bring new life to this almost 10-year old franchise.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Danny DeMent

    Holy BS List, Batman!

    • Phil

      Why? I am curious to know. Is Marvel studios beyond criticism. What are some weak points to Marvel movies?

      • Axxell

        Not sure what he’s referring to exactly, but I thought this list was longer than it really should be; some of the “points” are just spun versions of what was previously said. In other words, he repeats himself several times making the list of issues seem longer.