4 Ways Marvel and Fox Can Reconcile Via Television

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This past week, I made a trip to my local comic store. Having not been there in a while, I asked one of the local guys there what new comics were hot and why. He put me on to Inhumans vs X-Men, the new storyline which came out this past November. The comic is focusing on a conflict over the destruction/saving of the Terrigen Mist clouds currently enveloping the earth. The Terrigen Mist gives the Inhumans their powers allowing them to undergo Terragenesis (being adapted very well on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), but it also is fatally harmful to mutants. The X-Men want to destroy it so that they don’t die (or have to leave the Earth) and the Inhumans need them as a means of evolutionary development. Needless to say, the comic is fascinating! The storylines are engaging. I’ll be sure to talk about it in the near future.

As I was reading the comic I couldn’t help but think, “Why can’t we see something this awesome on the big screen?”

We all know the reason, though. The X-Men are under ownership rights of Fox, and Inhumans are under Marvel Studios as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s because of corporate reasons that we could never see an Avengers vs X-Men adaptation as well. Although Sony and Marvel were able to work out a deal to share Spider-Man, which gave us an awesome Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, it looks like that was the exception to the rule. On many occasions, Kevin Feige and the Russo Bros have confirmed that there are no plans to ever merge the universe together. Elsewhere X-Men producers Simon Kinberg and Tim Miller have praised the idea of an X-Men and Avengers crossover on the big screen, so there’s still hope, right?

Probably not on the big screen as both studios are waiting for the other to blink. Both are highly profitable on their own and don’t necessarily need each other. However, we have the small screen, and that’s a totally different territory. And on this frontier, there could be some leeway for the two to play in the same sandbox. Here are a few reason/ideas. Click Next to take a look.

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  • Axxell

    If Legion becomes a hit, maybe Fox will entertain a deal to get long term movie/TV rights in exchange for some collaboration.


    You folks are trying way too hard to make this whole Cinematic Universe bit seem like a real thing. It’s not. I never really was. Until ANY of these characters appear in the same movie(s), then you Marvel fans really need to give up the ghost on this, and just enjoy each series for what it is.