VIDEO: Wells’ Plan To Return Barry’s Powers Revealed

Flash 6

With a new episode of The Flash set to air tonight, The CW has posted a clip showing the team dealing with the aftermath of Barry losing his powers, and Dr. Harrison Wells’ plan to get our titular hero back up to speed (pun intended).

Early on, it appears that the team is using holograms–likely designed by Cisco–to fill in for Barry while he remains powerless. Dr. Wells knows this is only a short-term fix and has an idea for returning Barry’s powers: rebuilding the particle accelerator. The team seems strongly against this idea, citing all the issues that arose from the initial particle accelerator explosion that occurred in season one. Wells, however, seems confident that he can recreate a controlled explosion, turning Barry back into “the fastest man alive”. It’s only when Wells’ makes the team aware of a major flaw in their short-term plan that they realize his idea seems necessary. Desperate times do, in fact, call for desperate measures.

You can find the video below in it’s entirety.

What do you guys think? Is Earth-2 Harrison Wells capable of creating a controlled explosion to return Barry’s powers to him? Or do you think it’s likely to backfire, leaving another mess to clean up and potentially creating new meta-humans in Central City? Sound off in the comments below!

The Flash airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: The CW Network

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