‘Westworld’ 1.02 “Chestnut” Review: Be Whoever The F*** You Want

  • Ford ponders his creation


While not blessing us with his Sizemore smackdowns and philosophical talk about bringing life out of chaos, Ford was going on long walks through his creation, because one of the perks of creating your own reality is a private elevator and control of literally every being inside it. There were so many great moments, whether in Hopkins’ interactions with the boy host to using the magic of the park to manipulate a rattlesnake.

I began to wonder, as Ford walked with the boy to an unfinished area of the park adorned by a blackened church tower, was this boy Ford? He’s even dressed like him, down the vest and white button up shirt. Did he recreate his childhood self? It would the height of weird sci-fi and I would LOVE it if it were true.

Whatever the case of the random boy, seeing Ford alone for the first time gives some insight into what we suspected last week: Ford, for all his talk of reaching the end of evolution, is planning something big, that these host glitches may be actually designed intentionally by him. He has a storyline in store for Management, he says in one of those meta moments when it feels like the writer communicating directly to the audience. After all, when you’ve done all you can do, what is left but to cross the next line?

As Ford says to Lowe, seemingly without context, is that you can’t create life without the devil. Speaking of which . . .

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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