‘Westworld’ Actor Ben Barnes On Fan Theories And The Upcoming Finale


Today on the Official Facebook Account for HBO’s mesmerizing drama, Westworld, Logan actor Ben Barnes hosted his own live Q&A with the ravenous Westworld fans around the world. You can check out the video below, where he talks about what it was like filming the vastly entertaining drama, what the cast members were all thinking while filming, and how we should prepare for the finale.


Mr. Barnes begins by going over what it’s been like visiting New York City, and how some of the more vocal city dwellers didn’t take too kindly to his villainous ways in the program. It’s great to know that so many people are not only tuning in for the magnetic drama, but are also following it closely enough to vent to the actor. He continues to go into detail on how we as fans should approach the upcoming finale, and how some of us (myself included) may be going a little overboard with the onslaught of theories.

Although I think sometimes if you try too hard to theorize and work out whats going on instead of just letting yourself enjoy the show and digesting it it can ruin some of the surprises because you’re more excited about being right than you are about being surprised or feeling the emotions that these reveals are supposed to envoke.

So stop thinking so hard and just enjoy the finale for what it is…and let it wash over you like a huge terrifying wave!

So it sounds like this finale is going to blow most of us out of the water, and maybe Ben has a point about how attached we may be getting to our precious theories. But I think that constant speculation is good for a show of this caliber, it keeps its audience invested in its twists and turns, and sparks some healthy debate. Mr. Barnes goes on to talk about how some of his cast mates were coming up with theories of their own during the development process:

We really did have this serialized experience in which we were trying to figure out what was going on, in the same way that most of you are hypothesizing about characters doubling up, or whether there are certain timelines or what a character’s future might be – we were doing the same thing!”

Sometimes we were wrong and sometimes we were right, like most of you have been!

It sounds like we’re just going to have to wait and see what (if any) of our theories are going to come true in this upcoming 90-minute finale. I for one am very excited to see how Jonathan Nolan and co. are going to conclude such a sweeping and gorgeous first season.

You can catch the finale of Westworld on HBO, this Sunday at 9pm.

Source: Comicbook

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