‘Westworld’ 1.08 “Trace Decay” Trailer “Cuts Deep” About What’s To Come From That Twist


With Westworld‘s first season in the home stretch (only three episodes left!), the show is picking up momentum that it didn’t have in the early, exposition-heavy hours. Now with the stakes raised and reveals made after the seventh episode “Trompe L’Oeil” (our review here), the end of the season is taking shape, and you can check out a preview in the trailer for next week’s episode “Trace Decay,” embed below. Here is the synopsis.

Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) struggles with a mandate; Maeve (Thandie Newton) looks to change her script; Teddy (James Marsden) is jarred by dark memories.

The trailer dispenses with the twist ending of “Trompe L’Oeil” early to show the much-needed momentum shaping the latter half of the season. Dolores programming code written by Arnold is taking her to the site of Ford’s new storyline, the church which is also the site of Arnold’s death and a mysterious massacre 35 years ago at the park’s founding. Now that we know Bernard is a robot (indeed, perhaps one of many among the staff?), his “struggles with a mandate” takes on a whole new meaning. And, after skipping this week, the Man in Black is back, with a vengeful Teddy still in tow, still philosophizing about the Maze (surprise).

“Trace Decay” airs next Sunday, Nov. 20 at 9 p.m. on HBO. Catch up on the latest Westworld theories with our compendium and check out our previous episode reviews at the links below. Plus we have a full breakdown of the first half of Wesworld‘s epic first season. For more of our Westworld coverage, click here.

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