‘Westworld’ 1.09 “The Well-Tempered Clavier” Review


Layer by layer, “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” the ninth episode of Westworld‘s first season, was engrossing, with urgency and stakes that earlier hours were missing. The hour highlighted what is best about the show – its intent, the intersection of memory, reality, and identity – while also calling attention to its occasionally weak dialogue and sometimes idiotic character turns. Thankfully, it’s easier to forgive the dumber narrative decisions when performers of this caliber are giving  some real emotional heft to this metaphorical sci-fi yarn.

The episode, helmed by Michelle MacLaren (famous for helming seminal episodes of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones and was briefly attached to direct next summer’s Wonder Woman), is the first with a script without a writing credit of either co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan or Lisa Joy. It’s named after a collection music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, a clavier simply being a fancy word for keyboard instruments.

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  1. Bernard’s session with Ford
  2. Maeve’s rebellion begins
  3. The Man in Black goes to meet Wyatt
  4. William crosses a black line
  5. Dolores finishes the Maze
  6. Stubbs is as stupid as Elsie

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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