What We Want To See In Episode 100 Of ‘Arrow’

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arrow-100-episodesFall 2012 marked the year when CW’s Green Arrow series, Arrow, made its debut as Stephen Amell took on the role of DC Comics’ iconic Emerald Archer, the protector of Star City. In exactly one week from today, the series will not only be joining the fellow DC series, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow for a 4-night crossover event, it will also be celebrating its 100th episode, a huge milestone for any TV show that gets to that number.

While the episode will be part of the crossover, it does sound like it will have less of the “Invasion!” aspects of the crossover, compared to the other “Invasion!” chapters of the event. Several familiar faces from Arrow’s run will be appearing in the milestone episode and given that the show is celebrating 100 episodes as well as being on air for five years, we have a wish-list of things we want to see.

As we are officially one week away from the big celebration, let’s go through things that we want to see in the 100th episode of Arrow – hit the NEXT button below and let’s get started. Be aware of a few potential mild spoiler details that have already been announced.

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Your Felicity hatred is tiresome. She’s a far more interesting and better developed character than Laurel, who is a pitiful parody of the Black Canary from the comics. Sara Lance is far more like Dinah than Laurel ever was and her leadership of The Legends is an awesome shout-out to Dinah’s leading the JLA during Brad Meltzer and Dwayne McDuffie’s runs on Justice League of America.

    • whofan

      Nobody is forcing you to read what he writes. If you know he doesn’t like Felicity and you do then dont read it. Regarding Sara I disagree on her resemblance to Dinah I think LL had all the characteristics of Dinah she just never got to be fully developed. I love Sara but she feels like an OC

    • Robbins

      I agree with this.Felicity and sara are far better characters than laurel.

  • Jhonatas Fernandes

    Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen <3

  • Nightwing

    I’d want to see Felicity die in episode 100. Everything else you pretty much nailed in this article. The disease that she is has been choking and holding back this show for so long, ever since Berlanti and Kreisberg left to become writers on The Flash. So, Guggenheim and Mericle started listening to their tumblr fanbase, and we got season 3 and season 4 full of absolute rubbish.