Who Should Direct The Deadpool Sequel? We Have Some Ideas…

News hit this weekend that Deadpool director, Tim Miller, has officially left the sequel over creative differences with its star Ryan Reynolds. The news states that Reynolds and Miller could not agree on the tone of the film, (Reynolds wants to keep it comedic and violent, while Miller wants a more stylized film), nor the casting of the role of cable (Miller wants Kyle Chandler as Cable and Reynolds wants to cast someone else). Now that Miller is out, fans have come to a conclusion that director Quentin Tarantino is the perfect replacement. Fans started a petition for Tarantino to direct the Deadpool sequel.

Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, Director

Many think his violent style and witty dialogue of his previous films would be a great fit for the sequel. Now, the likelihood of getting him on board with the project is low, but all hope is not lost. Let’s look at five other directors who could direct a kick-ass Deadpool film.
Valerie Complex

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