Why You Should Be Watching ‘Lucifer’

We are living in the age of all things comic book adaptions.From the big screen to the small screen, heroes and villains can be found at every turn but Fox’s Lucifer is striving to do something different, something truly out of this world. Lucifer feels more like a “crime of the week” show with comic book lore building the foundation for our characters.

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar who was bored and miserable as the Devil ruling all of Hell. As a result of hisboredom,Lucifer leaves Hell and he arrives in Los Angeles. Ellis has created a character that is not only sexy and but is relatable. It’s not often that such a polarizing character, the definition of evil, has so many levels and even layers of compassion.

The supporting cast within Lucifer helps to bring out these extreme personality traits in Lucifer.Lauren German (Chloe Decker) is the foil to Lucifer. She is a by-the-rules police officer and is looking to leave behind her past while raising her young daughter. The two are thrown together during a series of murderous circumstances and the two have instant chemistry. The show is at its best when Decker and Lucifer are interacting, trying to one up each other and figure the other out. It’s their relationship that grounds this show while also making it enormously entertaining.

As time progresses, it appears that Lucifer is becoming more human and less invincible. This is the start of his complex character development. Is it possible that the Devil himself could embrace humanity?

Instantly, theories have started flying about the true identity of Chloe and if Hell is going to be arriving on Earth. This adds yet another layer of interest and speculation for fans. In 2016, shows need to have a life outside of just an episode. It’s about creating a story that will keep fans talking on social media from the other 6 days of the week, waiting for the next episode. Lucifer is starting to really build that conversation.

Lucifer has incredible potential, not only as a thrilling comic book adaptation but also as a supernatural mystery. It’s clear within the first two episodes that this show isn’t afraid of embracing a darker, shocking tone and has room to really showcase what it can do with this first season. We could even explore Hell itself.

This show combines a “crime of the week” feel with a modern comic book feel mixed with mystical and supernatural elements. These supernatural elements are just beginning to be explored and this is the true passion and heart of the show. With much of the first season left, it’s likely that these components are about to be front and center.

Lucifer could and will change at any turn and the storylines continue to develop. This is the time to come along for the ride from Hell. If you are a fan of comic book TV shows or just looking for something different, Lucifer is the clear winner.

Lucifer Airs Tonight at 9|8c On FOX!

Heroic Staff

Heroic Staff

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