Willem Dafoe’s ‘Justice League’ Role Is A Little Fishy

Willem Dafoe Justice League

About a month ago, we reported that Willem Dafoe would be joining DC’s fledgling movie universe in the upcoming Justice League. Who would he be playing? How much would he be involved in the picture? We didn’t know! And we still don’t, in fact, but now we at least know in what context he’ll be showing up.

Willem Dafoe will be playing an atlantean according to Devin Faraci over at Birth.Movies.Death. Which atlantean, his sources wouldn’t say (though, per the earlier report, we know Dafoe will be playing a ‘good guy’), but either way, Mr. Dafoe will need to start practicing holding his breath.

Or, perhaps not. The other bit of info from Devin’s report is that Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder are rethinking their approach to the underwater sequences involved in Justice League. You may remember in Batman v Superman that Jason Momoa was very clearly (and awkwardly) holding his breath in the Aquaman cameo, and it’d be fantstically silly to have that going for a full movie. Sadly, we won’t be getting a two-hour feature of puffy-cheeked Jason Momoa floating around in a water tank. Instead, they’ve developed a spiffy new rig in which the actor is suspended on a mechanical arm in front of a green screen while a camera on a second arm is programmed to move in sync with the actor’s movements. That’s silly too, but it’ll probably end up looking much better when the film is finished.

Beyond the underwater stuff, Devin is reporting that the majority of Justice League will be using the same background replacement technology that Snyder used to give 300 it’s distinctive, hyper-stylized look. Whether or not that’s a good thing, I’ll let you decide.

So what do you think? Any guesses on who Willem Dafoe might be playing? I must admit, I’m not terribly familiar with the atlantean corner of the DC universe, so your guess is probably better than mine!

Justice League – Part 1 hits theaters in November of 2017. We’ll presumably find out which fish man Willem Dafoe is playing sometime before then.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death.

David Daut

David Daut

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  • Jake Bucsko

    Most interesting bit from that BMD piece was that Aquaman (allegedly) had its script thrown in the trash and is being completely rewritten. Would expect the same from The Flash soon enough. Force your director out but keep his script for the next guy to do? Doubtful.

    • Victor Thomas

      I doubt Aquaman is being completely rewritten because so far James Wan is still attached to direct as for the Flash movie i agree it was written twice already and now that they are going on their third director and i sincerely doubt the third one will keep that script.

  • bawwa

    How is that technique silly? please elaborate.

    • It’s silly in the same way that most digital effects are. An actor attached to a mechanical arm pretending to swim would be a very silly sight indeed, but I’m sure it’ll look great in the movie.


      • JNAZ

        Using the same space float effects they used for Gravity would work well for an underwater scene, me thinks.

        • Victor Thomas


      • LupeX

        Actually David, the 1st part is how they do the Superman’s flight scenes. And we know that Snyder is a BEAST at realizing fantastical characters on the big screen. The look of JL is the last thing any of us should be concerned about even in the least bit :)

  • LupeX

    If Dafoe is truly Atlantean and it’s not an original role my bet would be on Vulko – he is Atlantis’ head scientist and advisory to Aquaman.
    He doesn’t seem quite old enough for vulko, but he’s not young enough for the other roles I see him probably portraying like Mupo (sometimes antagonist sometimes ally of Aquaman) or Dane Dorrance who isn’t quite Atlantean but a human marine biologist/sea adventurer who ends up being allies with Aquaman.

  • shani

    I would’ve said Black Manta but allegedly Dafoe will be playing an ally of Aquaman.