Sebastian Stan Says ‘Civil War’ Will Further Explore The Winter Soldier’s Backstory & Relationship With HYDRA

While doing press across seas for The Martian, Sebastian Stan spoke briefly about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.  The actor revealed that the film would dive even further into the character’s backstory, his relationship with HYDRA and what he’s been up to since the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When asked about what the character has been up to since we last saw him, Stan had the following to say.

Where we find him after Winter Soldier, he’s in a place where he is learning about himself. And he’s discovering — as you saw in the last scene of The Winter Soldier, at the museum — he’s starting to put the pieces together, starting to learn about the past. Where he’s been. What he’s done. And as you’ll see in the next movie, it doesn’t come without a huge price: emotionally, mentally and uh… Yeah, it’s not easy for him learn about what he’s done.

The actor also added that learning this information about his past comes with “huge price”When asked about the character’s relationship with HYDRA in the film, Stan had some interesting comments regarding the character’s relationship with the organization. 

You gotta remember it is the same Hydra in a sense that is responsible for him still being alive. And what happened before the movie Winter Soldier — and there will be a lot of things sort of made more clear in Civil War about what happened with him — kind of setup this relationship that that he may always have with Hydra, one way or another. Because in a way they are like his second family. If that makes sense.

Stan finally added that Bucky will be a “problem for a lot of people” in the upcoming film. I mean, if the trailer didn’t already make that one a bit obvious. Let us know your thoughts on Stan’s comments in the section below.

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