10 Women Who Should Direct A ‘Star Wars’ Film

10. Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Pay Raise

Patty Jenkins is one of the most in-demand directors right now. Due to her current commitment to Wonder Woman 2 (and hopefully more DC films), it is unlikely Warner Bros. will let Disney take one of their key players. Yet we can dream, and I think it is safe to say everyone wants the woman who made one of the best superhero films of all-time to direct one of the biggest franchises in the world.

The reason she is low on the list though is part of what made Wonder Woman such a surprise was this great director was hiding in plain sight to a lot of people. So why not swing for some more surprises and offer another director the chance to surprise audiences.

  • KungFuCthulhu

    I’m surprised that Michelle MacLaren isn’t on this list.

  • trent_h_waller

    I’m surprised Natalie Portman said that. She seems more levelheaded than that