Data Reveals That Women Are Driving Summer Box Office Successes

Wonder Woman Women Box OfficeWhile the Summer box office was down this year, the good news for studios and distributors is that women are attending movies more than ever — and some of this year’s biggest successes owe themselves to ladies that take regular trips to the box office.

A report by Variety shared the findings of box office analysis service Movio, as the service looked at 6 different movies that infrequent moviegoers actually went to the theater to watch, counting people who went to see movies less than four times a year — a group that typically makes up 14% of the average movie’s audience. Movio noted that attendance from this demographic was up with the likes of Girls Trip (making up 25% of that movie’s audience), Despicable Me 3 (23%), Wonder Woman (22%), The Emoji Movie (21%), Dunkirk (20%), and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (19%). For these six movies as a whole, the service found that women who attended one or more of these movies made up 25% of those respective audiences and contributed more to the box office than 67% of other infrequent female moviegoers.

In the meantime, Millennial men gave the box office a boost in another way – they made up 25% of the people that saw Spider-Man: Homecoming, 24% of the people that saw Baby Driver and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and 20% of the people who saw Wonder Woman, with the demographic as a whole making up 17% of the people that saw one or more of these movies. The easy takeaway from this is that Millennial men usually will take the trip to a theater for a superhero movie even if they don’t frequently catch movies, and that they were a contributing factor in turning Baby Driver into a sleeper hit. As a whole, these two groups and their increased attendance help establish that if you build the right kind of movie, people will come.

Source: Variety

The ‘Wonder Woman’ Characters Ranked From Worst To Best

Wonder Woman
Well, Wonder Woman is finally here and the world still seems to be reeling from the impact. As great as a film as it was, the title hero didn’t carry the movie by herself. There was a ton of supporting characters that all played an important role in carrying the movie’s plot forward. Plus, every character in this movie was carried by strong performances throughout the cast!

(Warning, slight spoilers ahead!)

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