‘Wonder Woman’ Cinematographer Matthew Jensen Has Had ‘Discussions’ About Returning For The Sequel

Wonder Woman Gal GadotWonder Woman became one of the biggest hits of 2017 and audiences are eager to see what the creative team behind the DC film has in store for the highly-anticipated sequel. One member of the creative team who is interested in working on Wonder Woman 2 is cinematographer Matthew Jensen, who revealed that he has had “discussions” about returning for the sequel during an interview with Heroic Hollywood.

Have you had any discussions about returning for the sequel and would you even be interested in working on Wonder Woman 2?

Yes, I have had discussions. I’m very interested in returning. Yeah, we’re still trying to iron out some details, so we’ll see what happens.

Wonder Woman 2 is said to be set in a different decade and area and Patty Jenkins recently said in an interview that it was going to feel like a totally different film. So, have you been thinking about how the sequel will be visually different from the previous film?

Yeah, I’ve had some ideas, but it’s so early in the game right now. We’ll see what happens.

Plot details for the Wonder Woman sequel are currently under wraps, though the film is set to follow the Amazonian Princess during the Cold War as she faces off against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Patty Jenkins will also co-write and produce the Wonder Woman sequel with The Expendables co-writer Dave Callaham signed on to pen the film based on a treatment by Jenkins and DC creative chief officer Geoff Johns.

Wonder Woman 2 is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on November 1, 2019.

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Comic Book Movies 2017 Star Wars The Last Jedi Logan Justice League2017 was quite the year for movies. Not only are the award shows stacked with some spectacular dramas to choose from, but us pop-culture nerds had quite the year too. Everyone from Wonder Woman to Thor had their own movie this year, and most of them were pretty good. At the end of the day though, not all movies are made equal, and some turned out infinitely better than others.

All of these stories have something in common, though: a focus on a group of heroes who are willing to do anything and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The movies vary on how heroic the protagonists are and what kind of threat they have to fight, but they all do a good job at pushing their heroes and making them think outside the box to save the day.

Remember, this ranking is just one person’s opinion. If your favorite movie of the year is at the bottom of the list that doesn’t mean you have a bad taste in movies, it just means we don’t agree and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments after wards!

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