7 Wonder Woman Villains Perfect For Future Sequels

7. Egg Fu

Wonder Woman

So just because Wonder Woman has a lot of great villains, doesn’t mean she’s immune to having a few silly ones also. Egg Fu is easily one of the silliest villains I’ve ever seen, and for some reason he keeps on coming back.

While his abilites have changed over the years, he has always been able to teleport and impose himself physically on others. Recently, he has shifted towards dealing weapons, making him more of a behind the scenes type of villain than someone who comes in regular contact with Wonder Woman.

I really don’t want Egg Fu to be a main villain because I can’t handle a full movie chopped full of egg puns. If anyone even says the word “scramble,” around him I swear I will walk out of the theater. But I do think it would be a lot of fun to see Wonder Woman take Fu down near the beginning of a future movie as the primary threat slowly establishes themselves in the background.

As silly as it sounds, the character has a somewhat racist background. Despite the fact that he’s literally a sentient egg, DC went out of their way to portray Egg Fu as Chinese when he was first introduced. Years later, DC recognized their insensitivity and renamed the character Chang Tzu and started having him fight some of their Chinese characters like the Great Ten.

Seriously though, who doesn’t want to see Wonder Woman rough Humpty Dumpty up just a little bit?

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • David Japhet-Mathias

    So is Circe no longer a Wonder Woman villain?

  • Shawn Michael

    I thought Circie was the most iconic wonder woman villain besides cheetah.. She should for sure be on this list instead of an egg or dr psycho…

  • Thanostic

    Boy. That’s…that’s not a lot of great villains. The only one I’m even moderately intrigued by is Cheetah. I hope they can work out one or two quality villains for the sequel(s), but that’s not exactly a distinguished list.