The World’s Greatest Artists Redesign Superman

Superman’s iconic costume and general appearance haven’t changed much ever since his debut in the 1930s. Whether he’s appearing in a comic book, TV show, or movie, the legendary hero hasn’t done much to upgrade his signature look. At this point, some might even argue that he’s long overdue for a makeover. Well, the following artists decided to take on that challenge. And they have more than succeeded in completely reimagining Clark Kent from the ground up.

The following images manage to keep the spirit of Superman alive while also giving him a refreshing and original spin. Even if you love the Man of Steel’s classic look, you still might find at least a few of these designs pretty darn interesting.


  • Nando

    LOL this aint news!

  • DaveACIM

    with all respect to some very nice work here, the worlds greatest artists might also include people like Rauschenberg, Keifer, Richter, Johns, Koons etc

  • svcharles

    I think Worlds Greatest must have been a reference to the DC team up title.

    • Mark Walters

      You’re thinking of “World’s Finest”

  • Mark Walters

    Joshua Viers (#10) is the only one that really blew me away, actually looks very “alien” and otherworldly. Some of these are just renditions of pre-existing costumes, and some… are not very good. And come on, “World’s Greatest Artists”? That’s laying it on a bit thick.

  • Jainai Jeffries with the trenchcoat. That’s my favorite of these.

  • World’s Greatest Concept Artists? LOL!

  • October_1985

    Well, that was pretty underwhelming. A lot of designs gritty redesigns that miss completely the point of who Superman is