How Can I Write My Essay As Fast As Flash?

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It’s not a secret that students are always running late with their assignments. They usually have such an overwhelming academic workload that it’s sometimes really hard to keep up. Besides, there’s usually so much work to do that students can even forget about a little essay left for their Literature class.

With so many assignments and so little time, is it even possible to write an essay fast? Is there a Flash-like superpower that will help you write an essay in a matter of seconds?

Here’s the thing with writing an essay: it always requires a lot of research and planning. That is why this task is so overwhelming to the students. The experts at A-Writer point out that the process of essay writing requires a well-thought approach which often is not explained to students thoroughly. That is why many students have to research for information on writing an essay before they even start it.

But if you don’t have time for thorough preparation and planning, it is possible to write an essay of a good quality?

The answer is yes! Although it will take you nearly half an hour, it’s still pretty fast for such a time-consuming activity like writing essay writing.

So prepare to unleash your Flash superpowers with these essay writing tips!

1. Spend 10 minutes max. to plan your work

Students often ask “How much time do I need to spend on planning if I want to write my essay fast?

The answer is 10 minutes. You need this much time to write an outline for your essay and to single out the main ideas you will present in your work. If you have only half an hour to write your essay, 10 minutes is exactly the time you need to highlight the most crucial points of your work.

Spending at least a few minutes on the outline is essential for the efficiency of the essay writing process. It will save you from re-writing and re-structuring your work, once you start writing an essay.

Tip! Before you start preparing, you need to make sure that you understand the topic completely. Any inconsistencies and ambiguities may seriously affect the quality of your work.

2. Make the research process more efficient

Often students wander around the Internet, looking for the material to support their essay. It can take hours and hours before any quality content shows up. The research process is the hardest and the most time-consuming part of writing an essay. That’s why, if you need to write an essay with a Flash-like speed, you need to know places where you can get information for your research.

So, the top 3 places on the Internet that include credible, high-quality resources are:

  • Google Scholar: here you can find similar essays, research papers, books and articles that all have been published by the scholars. Often, Google Scholar doesn’t give you the full access to the resource, but you still may find the information you need in the excerpts.
  • JStor: this is an online library with the digitalized versions of books, magazine articles, and other resources. It exists since 1995 and has an incredible variety of scientific resources on any topic. To get a complete access to this resource you need to purchase a membership. JStor also contains resources in other languages, which could be very useful.
  • Project Gutenberg: this online library offers over 50,000 resources, including books and scholarly articles. The best part about this resource is that it’s completely free and accessible to anyone.

Tip! Students often wonder “How can I write my essay in Literature without spending hours and days on reading a book?” You can use the resources like Sparknotes where you can find a complete gist of a book, the analysis of characters, symbols, and allegories that are present in the book.

3. Don’t procrastinate

The speed of your essay writing process depends on how much time you spend on procrastination. Unfortunately, procrastination is the disease of all students that gets in the way of time efficiency and academic success.

But if you want to write an essay as fast as possible, consider the following tips:

  • Put away your phone and tablet, they can be huge distractions. So if you don’t need them to write your essay (and you probably don’t) get rid of them.
  • Ask others to respect your privacy. If you live in a dorm, a noisy neighbor can be a real distraction. Ask everyone around you to respect your privacy and give you time and space to write an essay. This will really help you concentrate.

It may be really hard to stop procrastinating. But think about it: if Flash procrastinated, would he be able to save the world within only a few seconds? Of course not! So use all your power to avoid distractions, and you’ll be invincible!


Lastly, students often ask “Is it really possible to spend less an hour to write my essay?” and the answer depends on the length of an essay and the volume of information you need to include in it. Essay writing process should be well thought-out and a thorough planning really makes writing an essay look effortless and quick.
So if you really want to write your essays with a Flash-like speed, you should put a lot of effort into planning! Hopefully, our tips will help you write a winning essay!

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