‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Director Talks Jean Grey’s Transformation

X-Men Dark Phoenix Sophie Turner Jean GreyAfter the critically panned attempt to adapt the Dark Phoenix Saga in X-Men: The Last Stand, the film franchise will be taking a second shot at bringing the revered comic book storyline to the big screen with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Simon Kinberg and producer Hutch Parker discussed Jean Grey’s transformation and the scale of the upcoming film.

While X-Men: The Last Stand deviated from the comic book storyline significantly, Kinberg explained that Jean Grey’s transformation in the upcoming film will more closely resemble the events of the comics, with exposure to a solar flare being the inciting event that awakens the Phoenix force within:

“That’s what triggers, awakens, creates this Phoenix force and voice inside her. What appears to the world to be another heroic victory by the X-Men in saving stranded people in space we realize is the the thing that begins the unraveling of Jean and the unraveling of secrets Charles told her.”

With the film taking our heroes to space for the first time, producer Hutch Parker  teased one of the biggest set pieces in the franchise to date while discussing the scale of X-Men: Dark Phoenix:

“They might be the biggest set pieces we’ve ever done. The space [set piece] is one of the biggest things we’ve ever done. Overall visual effects, scale of action and spectacle, it’s probably the biggest we’ve done but much more in the service of these characters and their conflict than for scale sake.”

Do you think the creative minds behind the film can successfully adapt the Dark Phoenix story this time? Share your thoughts below!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on November 2nd, 2018.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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There are so many great X-Men arcs to choose from, but I think focusing on personal stories and fewer characters is a way to ensure the movie connects with an audience. Mutants were originally composed as a metaphor for the Civil Rights movement, and that issue is still very much so alive in our society. I’m not saying every movie needs to be political, but they all have the potential to be about so much more than destruction and boss battles. Fox focuses on smaller, personal stories that show mutants in a different light. Sure they can kick ass, but let’s make sure they always feel like real people, as Logan did.

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