‘X-Men’ Producers Discuss Idea Of ‘Avengers’ Crossover


For years, many comic book fans have thought that the idea of an X-Men/Avengers crossover would be nearly impossible to create for the big screen but 2016 has been a groundbreaking year for comic book movies.

X-Men producers Simon Kinberg and Deadpool director Tim Miller, talked about a crossover possibility.

Miller at first laughed off of the idea but added that he would love the possibility at a later time.

“But I would love to, someday, in part, heal the rift between the world of X-Men and the world of Avengers.” 

Simon Kinberg continued that thought process.

“I think we all would, And I think there’s so much crossover in the comic it would be neat to see those characters one day share a movie.”

While working on Deadpool, Kinberg and Miller developed a very close working relationship with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

“Both of us are actually quite close with Kevin and have a profound amount of respect for what he does. And it would be fun to all team up one day, somehow, together, if that could work.”

Would you like to see a possible X-Men/Avengers crossover on the big screen? If the idea seems far fetched remember that 2016 brought the agreement between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios for the rights to the character of Spider-Man.

Source: CraveOnline 



Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • Jake Bucsko

    If anything could get Hugh to pop the claws again after Wolverine 3, it’d be fighting alongside Captain America and Spider-Man in Infinity War 2. Fingers crossed they make something happen. It’s no more far-fetched than getting Spidey was.

    • he said many times how much he would love to fight the hulk in a movie.

  • Vegas82

    Fox should extend an olive branch in the form of the rights to F4.

    • mrneddles

      I would like to see them give up Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Dr. Doom. They can keep the FF4 at this point.

      • Chris Johnson

        That’s just like saying Batman can give up the Joker and Superman can do without Lex. Those characters are part of FF4…a package deal.

        • they are. but especially the silver surfer has become its very own thing in the last decades. its just how these contracts were designed, that made this so problematic. other than having their first appearance in an FF comic, there isn’t all that much connection to them in the silver surfer comics from the last 10-20 years.

          • Chris Johnson

            That may be, but history cannot be undone. Silver Surfer started as FF4 character..and that he remains.

          • dont be so sure about that. marvel already tried to get galactus only back from fox once. they might work something out eventually. fox could also make a standalone silver surfer film without even mentioning FF even once.

          • Peter James

            Silver Surfer is inextricably linked to Galactus, who, for his part is part-and-parcel of the Fantastic Four deal and universe.

            You don’t get back Silver surfer without getting back the rest of the Fantastic Four franchise (including Dr. Doom, and the Skrulls.)

          • Chris Johnson

            The operative word is “tried.” Apparently, it did not succeed. Why?

            Fox is in very good financial position and isn’t desperate the way Sony is/was.

        • mrneddles

          Point taken. Just personal bias.

  • Larry

    Unless Fox agrees to reboot their X-Men franchise to Marvel’s standard I don’t see a merge happening anytime soon. Fox is struggling to get their franchise in order continuity-wise and have been making strides with DOFP and probably Apocalypse. I just don’t see them stopping what they started to accommodate a possible Marvel merger -and I don’t see Marvel accepting the continuity that Fox currently has. The only reason why producers like Kinberg and Miller would like to work with Marvel is because they want to play in the MCU universe. But neither speaks for the studio -and until we get that someone -any talk is a pipe dream.

    There is a reason why Marvel and Sony can work together. Because Sony allowed Marvel to reboot Spider-Man. But NOT everything Sony has rights to is going to be part of the MCU, The Avi Arad produced “Venom” isn’t going to be part of the Spider-Man universe and won’t be part of the MCU Until Fox allows for a complete reboot of the X-Men and allow Marvel some creative control -the X-Men license will not share the same luxury that Sony is getting with Spider-Man.

    • Chris Johnson

      Fox isn’t “struggling” with XMen in the least. All of their films have been hits. With Deadpool being the latest X Man to grace the screen and succeed, there position just gets better. Fox doesn’t “need” Disney the same way Sony does. Sony had no choice in the matter. Had their Spiderman reboot been a hit, you can be sure Marvel’s Spiderman would not be happening.

      • Peter James

        While you’re right that Fox don’t need Marvel the way that Sony did, you’d be wrong to think that the idea hasn’t been thought about and seriously considered in Fox boardrooms.

        The X-Men movies have been moderate hits for Fox, but not the mega-hits you’d expect an interconnected franchise like that to be (none of their movies have ever crossed the $1 Billion mark at the Box Office, despite having heavy-hitter big-name actors like Stewart, McKellan, Jackman, Lawrence et al)
        Sony’s last Spider-man movies weren’t flops in the strictest sense of the word (they both made between $700-800 Million on average, which is a respectable amount for a $150-200 Million movie)), but when you consider that Spider-Man is the biggest superhero on the planet by far

        (last year alone, Marvel made over $1.5 Billion from Spider-Man merchandise alone), then you have to think that they vastly under-performed.

        Same could be said about the X-Men franchise right, now in that while the movies are not outright flopping, in the age of $1 Billion movie franchises where franchises like Jurassic Park/World and Fast and furious make Billions at the box office, easily, they are definitely losing money on name-brand recognition alone.
        They’ll never admit it, but you simply can’t have a movie franchise that has the highest paid actress in the world, not making the sort of money her other franchise does, and which all the other big players do.

        • Chris Johnson

          Hits are hits. All of the Marvel films have NOT been mega hits to the tune of 1 billion plus. If a film makes more than it cost to make and market, studios are happy. The 1 billion + club isn’t a dime a dozen thing as your comment seems to suggest.

          They made Deapool cheap and turned a huge profit..launching a new franchise. Indeed, Fox is just fine WITHOUT Marvel/Disney calling the shots.

          • Peter James

            RE : >>>”If a film makes more than it cost to male and market, studios are happy.
            The 1 billion + club isn’t a dime a dozen thing as your comment seems to suggest.”

            By that logic then there was no need at all to reboot Spider-Man and for Sony to come hat-in-hand back to Marvel since neither of the Amazing Spider-Man Movies were flops.

            But like I said, that’s not the only consideration that goes into making these movies and how much the Studios expect them to make.
            Spider-Man is by far the biggest super-hero on the planet (far faar dwarfing Superman and anything in the DC stable including Batman,….not to mention in the entire Marvel universe as well). and a middling return at the Box-Office, even though not a flop, would still be considered a disappointment.

            The X-Men are certainly not at Spider-Man’s level, in terms of name-brand recognition, but when you consider the talent they have acting in their movies, then yes, anything less than a Billion dollars is certainly a disappointment.

            Nobody expected Deadpool to make what it did. Not even Fox,
            So throwing it in as a comparison and to assume that they’re just fine without Marvel/Disney (because of that) is kind of skewing things tremendously.
            They released it in February because they expected it would flop.

            Nobody releases movies in February that they expect will be a megahit for them.
            If so they would have released it in the Summer or the beginning of Summer.
            The question you have to ask yourself is, just how long do you think they’re going to be able to keep someone like Jennifer Lawrence – even paying her what they pay her – as long as the movies continue to do just ‘okay’ and without the selling power of the likes of Jackman (who’s done with the X-Men franchise after this next Wolverine movies)?

            The 1 billion+ Club isn’t a dime a dozen, but it’s the unofficial benchmark nowadays for (mega-)tentpole franchises and a large reason why BvS will be considered a flop since it likely won’t hit that mark.

          • Chris Johnson

            The reason why Sony made a deal with Marvel is because Sony isn’t primarily a movie business, and that part of their company was in dire straits financially. They could not afford to continue shouldering the enormous financial burden of the Spiderman series alone.

            That, and that ALONE is why they made the deal with Marvel and conversely the reason why Fox doesn’t need Disney. .

          • Peter James

            How does this dispute my point that the Amazing Spider-Man movies didn’t make nearly as much money as they were expecting even while not necessarily being outright flops at the Box Office?

            If the idea is that they went back to Marvel to return Spidey to the MCU because they felt it would make more money that way at the box office (thus making them more money),…..again, doesn’t that reinforce the point?

          • HORSEFLESH

            According to the Sony hack, after all they spent on ASM2 they only made $60 million profit – they were not happy about that.

          • Peter James

            Yes, that’s the point I was making.

            It wasn’t a flop (as in LOST money for them).
            It just didn’t make (anywhere nearly) as much money as they were expecting and as a Spider-Man movie would be expected to make.
            Even if Amazing Spider-Man 2 had made $1 Billion at the Box Office (meaning $200 More than it did), they still would have strongly considered a deal to return him to the MCU considering the fact that ASM2 was the most expensive of all 5 movies to produce.

          • Monty

            Look, I know this starts one of those famous comment section flame wars, but almost everything you mention here is false. It’s simply not true. It’s like your entire education in film profits comes from other comment sections and rumor sites. None of which is true. It doesn’t consider profit margins, merchandising, product placement. secondary markets or anything similar. Saying a billion dollar box office is the goal for every tent-pole film is simply not true. A film could easily break even at the box office and get a sequel simply based off of merchandising sales. Profits are the benchmark, in any situation and any venue. Box office tickets are not the only guiding factor. So if a studio says they are disappointed in a film’s general audience profits it has nothing to do with the long term profitability of the franchise as a whole.

          • Peter James

            >>>”None of which is true. It doesn’t consider profit margins, merchandising, product placement. secondary markets or anything similar. Saying a billion dollar box office is the goal for every tent-pole film is simply not true. A film could easily break even at the box office and get a sequel simply based off of merchandising sales. “

            Two things:-

            When I talked about the billion dollar box office goal, I clearly used the word “UNOFFICIAL”. Do you know what that word means?
            Why don’t you look it up and then get back to me.

            Are you aware that Marvel retained ALL (exclusive) merchandising rights and print and digital media rights to Spider-Man when they licensed him to Sony for live screen adaptation?
            To wit : When Amazing Spider-Man 2 was under-performing for Sony at the Box office, Spider-Man merchandise and products were minting for Marvel $1.3 Billion in 2014.
            Sony saw none of that money.

            http://www .hollywoodreporter .com/news/superhero-earns-13-billion-a-748281

            How does that factor into your pointless rant about merchandising sales factoring into a films profitability when the Studio in question doesn’t have the rights to exploit those merchandise revenue streams?

            More importantly why should I waste my time rebutting any more of the points of someone who was seemingly unaware of this basic fact while he’s lecturing me about how “almost everything (I) mentioned here is false” right before he goes into a dimwitted ramble about how Sony’s Spider-Man may not have been a disappointment because of “merchandising”?

            Next time I suggest very strongly thinking about what you’re about to say before opening your mouth and embarrassing yourself like this.

          • Monty

            Look , angry guy, (look up angry) merchandising was only one point of many that I brought up. I am not nearly as embarrassed as you should be for having a temper tantrum in public.

          • Axxell

            Saying a billion dollar box office is the goal for every tent-pole film is simply not true.

            If that were true, studios wouldn’t be tripping over themselves trying to replicate the success of the Avengers franchise. 5 of the top 10 highest grossing films have been made by Disney, and a further 4 more have crossed $1B, 6 of them have been made in the last 5 years, and 2 of them (amounting to 3.4 Billion) in 2015 ALONE….and you’re gonna tell me that WB isn’t looking over the fence and asking themselves “Why is that not US?”?? Do you seriously think that they’re happy making critically shunned films that barely make enough to cover the costs, after all their effort dumping their last DC franchise strategy of solo films in favor of an Avengers-styled shared universe? You think they’re happy with $700m profits when Disney is cranking out $1.5B films twice a year??

          • Monty

            Disney is most certainly NOT cranking out 1.5 billion dollar movies twice a year. Ant-Man didn’t break 500 million.

          • Axxell

            Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII, both released in 2015…both crossed $1.4B…Episode VII grossed $2B.

          • Marquis de Sade

            Antman did over $514 million globally.

          • Monty

            Marvel has had three, exactly three, movies over the one billion mark. This is what I’m talking about. People will believe anything in the rumor mill. http://moneynation.com/much-money-every-marvel-movie-made/

          • Axxell

            That’s besides my point.

  • Kureb

    Xmen is the worst comicbook franchise.

  • Chris W

    I’d just like Marvel to stop being petty and trying to remove Mutants out of the comics.

  • no. please no. not only are these universes tonally so different, I think there is always this latent suckage waiting around every corner in the x-men franchise. please just dont interfere with the mcu. its fine without all of a sudden having to explain why mutants are so feared and hated, but all the other superheroes aren’t.

    • Axxell

      Mutants are considered non-humans with their own agendas; superheroes like Spiderman and Captain America still are human. Not logical, I know, but neither is racism or classism.

    • Axxell the most important part of Marc’s post is that he is right about keeping the franchises separate. X-Men films at Fox do tend to suck, Apocolypse looks like it will be a horrible 3D CGI-fest. It will be a shock if it performs better than mediocre with critics.

      Doctor Strange looks to be opening up the idea of the Multiverse to the MCU however. Perhaps Fox’ X-Men could exist on another Earth, another reality.

  • Peter James

    Never going to happen.
    This isn’t a single Superhero like Spider-man whom you can retcon their history to fit into the MCU.
    Too many inter-connected characters with already established histories (that don’t include the MCU).


      You don’t have to retro-fit them. It would be a new version of the X-Men within MCU. This would be years down the line if it ever happens.

  • unpaidpundit

    An X-Men/Avengers crossover would be a gold mine for both Fox and Marvel. Disney probably realizes that their chances of getting the X-Men back is zilch, so why not make the best of the situation by padding their bottom line with a blockbuster crossover?

  • batghost

    I’d be into this idea, but only if they reboot the entire X-men franchise