10 Young Actors Who Could Replace Ben Affleck As Batman

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Ben Affleck New Batman
After suiting up three times, rumors are suggesting that Ben Affleck will not play Batman in Matt Reeve’s upcoming solo film. Apparently, Reeve’s script focuses on a younger Batman instead of following a Caped Crusader who is already well-established into his crime-fighting career. Hopefully, whatever story Reeves has cooking up is worth the recast and will showcase this younger Batman kicking butt on a scale movie-goers have yet to see.

To replace Ben Affleck, DC is pivoting to a younger actor who could potentially be a part of the cinematic universe for years to come. Batman is likely the publisher’s most popular character, so they need to choose an actor who could be an imposing presence on their larger film library moving forward. Ben Affleck’s version of the character is certainly enjoyable, and the warehouse fight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is likely Batman’s coolest battle on the big screen, but DC needs a younger, more lively Batman if they want their films to match Marvel Studios.

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Booksmart the Alicorn

    Oh, I hope we have a young Batman to be rebooted in the DCEU! 😀

  • Maxi Iroh

    Can someone please make a worst list?

    • Fastguy77

      Bahahahahahahhahaahah, no kidding!
      It got worse and worse.

    • Capitão Marvel (O Original)

      I think its impossible to do that.

    • embrace uncertainty

      Bomer was the best of that list and that is not saying much.

      I’ll throw 2 names in the ring… Tom Welling & Clive Standen.

  • John

    Umm, what? None of these would make a good Batman, lol. Matt bomer I could see as Nathan Drake, Kit Harrington is too short, Richard Madden is a great actor but I can’t see being Batman, the rest would look like wimps

  • Will Poulter would be a good Joker, but not Batman.

    • CE

      A good riddler than joker maybe.

  • Matt Bomer would be cool.

    • Gordon909

      I agree Matt Bomer would be the best choice, out of these actors, he kind of looks like a Bruce Wayne

  • Chali Kostüm ve Aksesuar

    This is joke isn’t it? None of this can be Batman or Bruce Wayne! Forever Batfleck!!!

  • Mr F

    Not sure why people think for the first time ever, WB won’t get a big name Star.

  • Stelios Ioannou

    Do you even know anything about Batman???

  • SmoothTrIxt3r

    The only one even close on this list is Matt Bomer.

    • junir

      Exactly my thinking.

  • NotQyteNeo

    How could Dylan O’Brien be left off this list?

  • Saku

    This list is horrendous! The author doesn’t even know what the heck is he writing about.

    • Chris Redfield

      You just summed up 90% of the articles on this site.

      • Cisco007

        Very true! lol

  • Bolted4Life

    This might be the worst “potential Batman” list I’ve ever seen

  • Chris Redfield

    Garbage list, half of these actors don’t even remotely look like Bruce Wayne let alone Batman.. The author must’ve been tripping some serious balls when he came up with this list..

  • Cisco007

    Jeez. This list= no comment. Another terrible article on this site.

  • facy ben book

    nick kazden do us a favor stop writing , you are stupid and have no clue about comics neither about movie