Zendaya’s Mystery ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Role Revealed

Zendaya Spider-Man Homecoming MJ

When it was first reported that she had joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was said that Zendaya would be playing a character named Michelle but no further details were known at the time. This led many to speculate that she would be a version of Michelle Gonzales but it appears that isn’t the case and that name was being used as a pseudonym in order to hide her true role in the film. The Wrap reporter & Heroic Hollywood editor-in-chief Umberto Gonzalez is reporting that the nineteen year old singer & actress will actually be playing Mary Jane Watson in the Jon Watts directed film hitting theaters next summer.

Mary Jane Watson has been a longtime romantic interest for Peter Parker, making her first debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #42 in 1966. She was previously portrayed on the big screen by Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Shaliene Woodley in The Amazing Spider-Man series, with the latter’s scenes being cut from the film before release. Based on the footage shown at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it seemed like we could be seeing Laura Harrier’s Liz Allan as a romantic interest for Peter Parker. Well, with this new bit of information, it definitely looks like he’s going to have his hands quite full when it comes to the ladies. Let us know what you think of this bit of news in the comments section below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to swing into theaters on July 7, 2017.

Source: The Wrap

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • chris

    Keep failing in the casting department

  • Michael

    Throwback Thursday to El Mayimbe’s last big marvel scoop: https://m.facebook.com/jgunn/posts/10153021800846157

  • Radar Technician Matt

    Nothing’s worst than the Flash Thompson cast……

    • Jewie

      It makes more sense when you realize that they go to Midtown School of Science and Technology.

      • louace

        no it doasn’t…
        I don’t see a reason why Flash Thompson can’t be both big and smart
        And if you’re saying that only awkward and scrawny guys can be smart then bravo…

        • Sanjay

          they’re making him more brain than brawn. if you see most bullies these days, they aren’t often big; they’re just cool kids with groupies who psychologically screw with other kids. that was their intention with the Flash character.

        • Jewie

          That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying they’re probably trying something different with the character by making him more of an intellectual bully instead of a physically imposing one. And sure, they could’ve cast another big guy, but this could be interesting too. Why dismiss it outright before it comes out like the OP did?

        • Benjamin Eugene NElson

          Um.. Do you even know about the history of the character? “Big, dumb, bullies Peter” was his characterization for a long time.

  • Math

    Really? Are they going to mess up Mary-Jane again?

    First off… they don’t need MJ in this movie. Peter only meets her after he’s done with high-school. She doesn’t see him as a geek when they first meet. If you put her in high-school, it just messes up their early relationship dynamic.

    Also, I recall her stating that her character is dry and awkward… That doesn’t sound very much like MJ to me.

    She must have red hair. You can’t think of a Mary-Jane without her red hair. They could die her hair red and that would be fine, but that’s not how she looks in her recent pictures and they are filming now, so it doesn’t sound good.

    I hope this is false. I don’t understand some of these weird casting calls. I will reserve judgement until we see some actual footage of their performances, but I’m not a fan of these decisions.

    • Marquis de Sade

      They met in high school. She was Harry Osborne’s girlfriend at the time.

      • Math

        Nope. Maybe in the cartoon or the ultimate version (I haven’t read those), but in the original amazing spider-man comics, it’s their aunts that want them to meet throughout high-school and Peter wants nothing to do with it, but eventually caves in and is very pleasantly surprised to meet this gorgeous redhead. That happens in the summer between finishing high-school and starting college.

        Then in college, he meets Gween Stacy and Harry Osborne and both Gween and MJ start flirting with Peter, but he’s too blind to see it while Flash doesn’t understand why these girls are giving more attention to Puny Parker then to him. Eventually Peter and Gween start dating and so Harry ask MJ out but MJ threats him like crap which pushes Harry to take drugs which bring his father Norman (who had lost his memory of being Green Goblin) to blame all his friends for Harry’s drug problems. He also regains his memory and kidnaps and ultimately kills Gween Stacy before dying himself trying to kill Peter.

        That’s the original story and it’s a great story. I’m sad they never came close to telling the real story. Obviously you need to adapt while doing some movies about all this, but the original story is a classic for a reason.

        • Who is “Gween”??

          • Math

            Gwen Stacy (Sorry… typo mistake) was Peter Parker’s fiance before the Green Goblin killed her. She was played by Emma Stone in the 2 Amazing Spider-man movies.

        • Peter James

          The MCU is mostly based on the Ultimates version of the comics (both the Avengers, which has a black Nick Fury instead of the classic David Hasselhoff version, as well as the other characters).

          So seeing as this Spider-Man is being made to fit into the MCU (that’s based on the Ultimates version) are you really surprised that the story would take its cues from the Ultimates version instead of the classic comics?

          • Math

            I guess you have a point there. It’s not the direction I wish they would have taken, but hey, I’m not the one deciding these things and Marvel have done a pretty good job so far, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. I personally still think the original amazing spider-man stories were better then what I saw from the ultimate ones. Some updates are better then the original stories, but some are not. I believe that if you want to make the best Spider-man movies, you inspire yourself from the best stories, which in my opinion are the original ones. But again, they haven’t hired me to make these decisions so I’ll let them do their thing and I’ll judge the results once I see the movie.

          • SAMURAI36

            If that’s the logic, then why aren’t they going with Miles Morales, since that’s the “Ultimates” version?
            The reality is, Marvel picks & chooses from their various iterations, same as everyone else.

  • Joey Wabi-Sabi


    • Likodemus


  • Origami Rose

    Whats with the complaints have any of you seen any footage to just drag the casting.

  • unpaidpundit

    This film seems to be aiming to create a perfectly integrated fantasy world, rather than portray race relations as they really are. Even though the New York City district is only about 30% white, it has one of the most segregated school systems in the country.


    White kids in NYC tend to go to schools in more affluent neighborhoods. And, as a white man who went to a mostly black school in the 1980’s, I saw that blacks and whites tended to socialize with their own race. There is just too big of a cultural gap. I hear today that even on the college level, black and white social groups tend to be segregated. I had high hopes that the next Spider-Man movie would portray a degree of verisimilitude in race relations, but it appear that the film makers don’t have the courage required to portray the truth.

    • Darthmanwe

      It’s a Disney movie. What did you expect, a little bit of ‘Race’ mixed in with ‘Fruitvale Station’?
      Disney makes fantasy movies, even when they make Marvel movies.

    • Benjamin Eugene NElson

      Because super hero movies are soooo realistic, right?

      • Michele Toscan

        Good point, we should make all skyscrapers marzipan and the sky bright green then, why not?

        • Benjamin Eugene NElson

          If it worked in context of the fiction of the story being told Marizpan skyscrapers and green skies would work.

          You make much ado about nothing. Because not only is this casting choice made in regards to the universe, but the marvel cinematic universe deffer from the comic books in many many ways.

    • Chris Aytes

      Your 1980’s high school experience doesn’t have much to do with 2016, just like someone’s 1950’s experience had little to do with yours.

      Mary Jane being a redhead is such a huge part of her iconography, though. But if they write it well enough and if she performs it well enough, I’ll get over it.

      • SAMURAI36

        Have you been to a NYC public school in 2016? Nothing you said is accurate, trust me.

  • Darthmanwe

    1) Was ANYONE really surprised by this? Anyone with half a brain already guessed Michelle was just a casting alias to misdirect fans.
    2) I’m cool with changing ethnicities and all that buuuuuuuut…..
    You really didn’t need Mary Jane in this movie. Not at all.

    • Math

      Yes. Thank you… So many people are simply assuming we are just racists people complaining about the color of her skin while that’s not the point at all… My complaint is about why they feel the need of using her at all in this movie!? Also I don’t like how Zendaya has describe her character if she is playing MJ. The way she described it doesn’t sound very much like Mary Jane. Sure I’m disappointed in MJ not being a redhead (it’s kind of an iconic characteristic of hers), but if they play her well, I’ll look pass it… again, what I’m hearing doesn’t make me believe she understands who MJ is. I hope she proves me wrong though.

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  • Sanjay

    Doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have red hair. they can dye it. and if she plays the part well, it shouldn’t matter.


    LOL at the cognitive dissonance taking place in this thread.

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