New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Images For The Season 3 Finale

Screenshots for the Star Wars Rebels Season Finale have arrived, showcasing the biggest battle yet as Grand Admiral Thrawn makes his move.

Rebels Zero Hour 1
Many who have watched Star Wars Rebels will be quick to tell you that Grand Admiral Thrawn has been taking his sweet time in enacting his plan to destroy Phoenix Squadron and much of the nascent Rebel Alliance in one fell swoop. It certainly looks as though we won’t have to wait much longer, as Thrawn has brought a sizable Imperial Fleet to the the doorstep of the Rebels. Five new screenshots promoting the episode have arrived.

Rebels Zero Hour 2

Rebels Zero Hour 3

Rebels Zero Hour 4

Rebels Zero Hour 5

The finale involves a culmination of several key story elements presented throughout the season – Thrawn’s discovery of the Rebel base on Atollon and his plan to destroy it, Kallus’s status as Fulcrum becoming compromised, Sabine leading her fellow Mandalorians in an assault against the Empire, and Phoenix Squadron officially becoming a part of the Rebel Alliance. In case you missed the double-length episode’s trailer, you can catch it below:

In final preparations for their attack on Lothal, Phoenix Squadron’s plans are disrupted when Grand Admiral Thrawn discovers their location. Trapped on Atollon with the rebel base under siege, Hera and Kanan fight to keep the squadron alive, as Ezra attempts to rally help from an unexpected source.

Star Wars Rebels will have its Season Finale this Saturday at 10 PM CST. The show has been renewed for Season 4, details on which will be announced at Celebration.

Source: Slashfilm