10 Things We Want To See In Supergirl/The Flash Crossover

Supergirl and The Flash Image by Heroic Hollywood’s Taylor Landine

On Monday, March 28, at 8/7c on CBS, the highly anticipated crossover event will be taking place between CBS’ Supergirl and CW’s The Flash as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will be visiting Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) in National City. Since the initial announcement, we know very little about the actual crossover which will be the 18th episode of Supergirl, called “Worlds Finest”. Since episode 13 “Welcome to Earth-2” of The Flash, we know for a fact that Supergirl exists on one of the Earths that are part of the Multiverse.

What’ll bring Barry over to her universe remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say he’ll most likely be traveling through the Speed Canon again. Whether he lands on her Earth by accident or on purpose, we’ll see. Thanks to set photos, we know that they’ll be going up against Livewire (played by Brit Morgan since episode 5) and Siobhan Smythe (played by Italia Ricci who recently made her debut) who will have become Silver Banshee at that point. As we get closer to the event, we’ll have more details on what to expect. Today however, I’m listing the 10 things that I hope and wish to see in the crossover.

Supergirl MetaHumans

10: Barry Establishing the Meta-Humans Concept In Supergirl’s World

I don’t know if there is a creative or even legal reason why we haven’t heard the definition “meta-human” in Supergirl’s world so far, but it has definitely been a head-scratcher. You would think that on a show like Supergirl where she and Superman exist, that someone (like Dr. Emil Hamilton) would have coined the phrase by this point. Since Central City most likely doesn’t exist in this universe, unless there is, but without all the Flash-y aspects (no pun intended), there was likely no particular accelerator explosion that created meta-humans. People are obviously able to get powers differently here in this universe, so it would be neat if Barry perhaps establishes that concept during his visit. It would just strike as very odd if “meta-humans” can only be used in one network universe.

Supergirl Flash Cat Grant

9: Cat’s Reaction To Flash In National City, Team-Up With Supergirl

This one is easy: Cat Grant is one of the best characters on the show with her sass, witty personality and whenever she reacts to, well, anything, it’s just funny. We have seen how she reacts to flying women in capes, electrifying baddies and I can only imagine what snarky comments she will make about Silver Banshee when Siobhan goes through that transformation. How would a woman like Cat Grant react to a man in a red suit run faster than the speed of light? She will bring her A-material, whether it’s praise or criticism. Cat’s reaction to Supergirl teaming up with a new hero like The Flash could bring some fun things out of CatCo in because surely she’ll have something to say about it, right?

Supergirl Teams

8: Team Supergirl Learning About CW’s DC TV Universe

This one isn’t something that they may spend too much time on because after all, this is Supergirl and The Flash’s crossover, so any other DC shows aren’t really required to be present or referenced. But it would be nice to see Team Supergirl learn a little about Barry’s world, the people on Team Flash like Iris West, Cisco Ramon and so on. Even though no other The Flash cast member has been announced to join the crossover, could you imagine the adorkableness we could get out of Cisco and Winn meeting each other? How would Iris and Cat’s dynamic be like as fellow journalists, would they agree or disagree about journalism? What happens when you put two wise-men like Joe West and J’onn in the same room, besides perfection? Regardless, while it’s not necessary for references, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little team note comparisons.

Supergirl Flash Martian

7: At Least One Scene Between The Flash And Martian Manhunter

While it’s almost a guarantee that we will see Gustin interact with most, if not all, of the cast members on Supergirl, there is one person that I need Barry to meet in a certain form. Even though Barry will be hanging out with an alien already in this episode, nothing about Kara looks really “alien-y”, but luckily we do have someone, J’onn J’onzz a.k.a. the Martian Manhunter (David Harewood). This might be seen mostly for comedic effect, but I genuinely hope to see Barry see J’onn in his Martian form and just his reaction alone. Also, imagine the wonder that would be Barry telling Cisco all about it once he gets back to Earth-1, just the magic alone in a scene like that.

Supergirl Glee

 6: Explanation Of The Legion Ring On Both Shows

In “Welcome to Earth-2” when Barry was traveling through the Multiverse, we see at one point a shot of a Legion ring, as in Legion of Superheroes. What we didn’t know until last night’s Supergirl was that it was a shot from “Solitude” as we see at one point that the ring is in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. But what was the purpose of showing us the ring? I’m still not sure how Multiverse travels work because I was under the impression that we would only see multiple different universes, like Supergirl and John Wesley Shipp’s 90’s The Flash show. But then we get shots of (what has to be) Connor Hawke as the Green Arrow on Legends of Tomorrow and Jonah Hex (most likely from the show too as he is coming in a few weeks) which indicates that he was seeing into the future of his own Earth.

But besides that, there must be a reason for why that ring from the Fortress was hinted in The Flash, and as awesome as it would be, I doubt a Legion of Superheroes spin-off is in the makings. It may not even serve any role at all in the plot and it could simply just be an Easter Egg and nothing more. But with Berlanti, Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg involved with both shows: we know that most nods and hints have always had some sort of purpose. Whether it will be explained in “Worlds Finest” or saved for a later storyline on either shows, I just hope that we get some form of context in the crossover. Side note: a spin-off or even recurring appearances of Legion would be great to see for Season 2 and beyond.

Supergirl Flash Glee

5: A Nod To Supergirl And The Flash’s Glee History

Before they became two of DC Comics’ iconic superheroes, Gustin and Benoist were known for their work on the FOX musical dramedy Glee where he played the villainous Sebastian Smythe, a member of the Warblers that was a show choir rival to the New Directions which Benoist’s character Marley Rose was part of. While the two never had any scenes together on that show, they are both fantastic singers and one thing that both The Flash and Supergirl have, is multiple actors that have musical backgrounds. Even though a full-on musical episode(s) between all of Greg Berlanti’s DC TV shows may be difficult to pull together (although never say never), nothing would make me happier than Barry and Kara swinging by a karaoke bar at some point and go for a song or two. If you need some great examples of how awesome a karaoke scene would be, check out some of their music performances from Glee.

Supergirl Team Flash

4: Events From Supergirl/The Flash Crossover Be Referenced On Earth-1

This one might be tricky depending on what rules there might be between the two networks. Eventually, Barry will be back on his Earth on his own show, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t tell his team all about his big trip. The biggest question is whether or not the episode of The Flash the week before he visits Supergirl, will set up his disappearance from Earth-1 and whether the following episode will open up with Barry returning to Star Labs on his world. I personally think that it would be cool for future references in that universe when he brings up that he met aliens that are flying superheroes in this other world. Once you have this crossover, it wouldn’t make sense for either show to never reference their adventure together. It would also just be fun to see how the people back on Earth-1 reacts to what Barry got to do and who he met because in their world, there is no one like Supergirl.

Supergirl StarLabs

3: A Few Earth-1 Similarities In Kara’s World

While it’s safe to say that there is probably not a Barry Allen, Ray Palmer, Kendra Saunders, Laurel Lance and more on Kara’s Earth, who is to say that cites like Central City, Keystone City, doesn’t exist in her world? Because we still know so little about the crossover and whether or not this crossing over to her world will be anything like the Earth-2 two-parter, it’s hard to know what to expect. Is it just easier for exposition’s sake that there isn’t a counterpart of anything or anyone that exists in CW’s DC TV Universe in this world? Do cities like Central City exist, but just without a Flash? Does Star Labs even exist here, but just without our key players? The same can be said about Earth-1 where we don’t know if National City exists, but just without Supergirl since CW’s world has never mentioned a Superman or Supergirl. But at least for this crossover, it wouldn’t hurt to see or hear some references that CW DC TV audience may recognize, like a Star Labs mention. I just love when we can get counterparts of something established, whether it be people or just cites and objects.

Supergirl Flash Crossover

2: Leaving The Door Open For More Crossovers

I’ve always believed that one day Supergirl will in some way join the CW’s DC TV Universe without having to leave CBS, whether it’s through a Crisis or Flashpoint event. As you can see, there are creative ways to make it happen without the show moving over to CW. Then it’s also a network thing, although with CBS and CW having been able to work out this deal, it shows a strong likelihood that this is only the beginning. However, what I hope to see is that they in one way or another gives an encouraging nod to the viewers that we will see this happen again at some point. Obviously a lot of other factors will have to play in, like scheduling, availability, e.g.: Gustin had to fly from Vancouver and film for a couple of days in L.A. and then go back to shoot more The Flash, which takes a lot of energy. Even the crossovers between the CW shows can be tricky too, but they have made it work as special events. I don’t know what that little wink-wink can be at the end of the crossover, but just as long as there is something that hints that this isn’t the last time, I’m all good.

Supergirl Flash Run

1: A Race Between Supergirl And The Flash

Even though this is pretty much what everyone wants to see: there was no way that I wouldn’t list this as one of my wishes for the crossover. Since “Worlds Finest” will most likely not feature a “VS” element – although it could – between Kara and Barry, it would be the great to see these two just have a race. In addition, we would finally get to see Kara use super-speed since Kryptoniains have that too. Although if she wants to fly: that’s fine too. We know that at the end of this, Barry will have to get back home to his Earth, assuming that this is how they will be executing the crossover, by having Barry travel from Earth-1. So what better way to end an epic adventure between these heroes with a friendly race? In addition, it would finally give us an image of the fastest man alive and the Girl of Steel racing together, but with smiles instead, unlike the comic image you see above.

Those are my 10 things that I hope and want to see in the Supergirl and The Flash crossover. Sound off in the comments below what you want to see in the crossover, if you want to see some of the same things as the list and more.

Supergirl, which is currently one a brief break till March 14, airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

The Flash, which is currently on a hiatus till March 22, airs on Tuesday nights, 8/7c on The CW.

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