The 10 Most Uplifting Superhero Films

With some devastating personal obstacles that many of us are about to embark on these 10 superhero films can bring us some glimmer of brightness.

The Incredibles

There is a lot of negativity in this World. A lot of Hatred. A lot of bigotry and violence.  In these dark times we need the light. We need to bring about positivity. We need to show love in the face of adversity and blind hatred. We need superheroes at this time. We need the light of someone who can save us. One of our writers wrote a brilliant article on the need for superheroes during this time so in continuing with that sentiment I figured I’d give you a list of the most uplifting superhero films. These films are a few examples of the positivity and the hope that these heroes can bring. With some devastating personal obstacles that many of us are about to embark on these 10 films can bring us some glimmer of brightness.

10. The Rocketeer

This entertaining Disney film is a throwback to World War II era superheroes and it’s apparent that the same spirit that the old Captain America comics had is reflected in this.  The Rocketeer is film that revolves around taking down Nazis in the idyllic United States of America is incredibly fun and uplifting. The film is a Disney produced film and it really shows. Disney knows how to make an escapist superhero film that can highlight the greatest elements of the human spirit. One that refuses to be broken.

9. Ant-Man

2015’s Ant-Man is a prime example of how much fun a superhero movie can be. It’s tone is comedic and the main character, Scott Lang is a lovable and relatable thief who finds the means to turn his life around to help other people. He is a loving father and through the course of the film he shows that. His love for his daughter is the lynch pin to the success of this film in showing an uplifting nature. It’s a film that shows that love and doing what is right by the people you care about can bring about a better future. It is a pure example of a redemption story through the journey that this hero goes through. It’s something we can all learn from.

8. Deadpool

This film is just pure joy. The humor of this blockbuster is so silly and lighthearted that I know that whenever I see it it always is successful at bringing a smile to my face even in the dark times. The humor is so over the top, but it’s hard not to like Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of the “Merc with a mouth”. The humor and the tone puts me in a much better mood and it can be used as a great coping tool to forget about the troubles.

7. The Incredibles

Brad Bird crafted arguably not only one of the greatest Pixar films, but also one of the greatest superhero films of the last 20 years. The film is filled with nods to superheroes of old and comedically portrays a world where they would exist. The characters are very memorable and the fun tone adds to the uplifting nature of it. With the obvious choice to not have it set in modern times it gives the feeling of the film a classic and almost nostalgic look to it, which gives the film that much more positive depth.

6. Spider-Man

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film is a perfect example of the quintessential superhero origin story. This film set the bar for a lot of what came afterwards in terms of comic book filmmaking.  It tells the story of  Peter Parker, a character that many of us can relate to.  His journey from selfish beginnings to selfless actions is a hopeful message and something that everyone can aspire to be. We all want to do what is best in our situation and with some people selflessness is the ultimate goal.

5. X-Men

X-Men is a microcosm of American Society. The mutants are an analogy for oppressed individuals.  The film was able to translate this important element from the comics to the big screen in an important way awhile still giving the story a hopeful message of equality. It’s an uplifting film alongside it being an entertaining time and was instrumental in changing the ways in which superhero films have been made since then similarly to what Spider-Man did. In the end this film is a great example of simplicity producing positive results.

4. Big Hero 6

The Disney Animated adaptation of a Marvel property is wholeheartedly a superhero film and a hopeful one at that. It’s handled extremely well and offers a wide variety of characters including a lovable, inflatable robot whose sole purpose is to be helpful and focus on healing. This message of hope, healing, and doing what is right resonates throughout the film and the world needs more of this. Especially now in a time where people fear for their safety. Baymax’s giant hug is a warm embrace that is neede

3. Guardians of The Galaxy

It’s no secret that this film is my favorite Marvel film, but it also helps that this film has uplifting characters and moments. While it may get dark at places it still follows an interesting path of carving these not so heroic characters into protectors of the Galaxy. It’s about putting aside your differences and individual desires to work toward what is right. A message that many of us should reflect upon. Anyone can be a hero especially the underdogs.

2. The Avengers

This film was the culmination of the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films and for the first time the universe felt like it mattered. It brought together these great heroes to set aside their differences and work together to fight the bigger threats. The team is filled with different people with different thought and feelings, but they are united by the evil they have to face. It is uplifting in the fact that even the most diverse team can set aside problems, and biases to work together for good. It’s certainly a crucial message to keep in mind when people can be extremely divided.

1. Superman (1978)

Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman is a testament to the character. A film that takes the iconic Man of Steel and brought him to the big screen in all his Silver Age glory. Christopher Reeve plays the character incredibly well and his portrayal of the character has been the definitive version of Superman for a lot of people and I’m one of them.  It does something which not a lot of modern films do.  It offers hope. Superman is a symbol for hope and Justice. His desire to make right the world and enact positive change against forces beyond our control at the expense of his own life is the perfect symbol of what people should aspire to be.

Hopefully these films can bring some positivity to the World. We need superheroes now more than ever.

Do you have any other uplifting Superhero films that you love? Let me know in the comments.

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Christian Michael Stoic

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