13 Actors Who Can Play Billy Batson For ‘Shazam’


As of right now, the DC Extended Universe is two films in with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice along with its next entry, Suicide Squad on the way this August. Following our rendezvous with Task Force X, a Wonder Woman film will grace the silver screen after decades of anticipation. With those two films’ productions wrapped along with Justice League currently undergoing principal photography, many fans are left in both excitement and speculation to see what’s in store for the DCEU. One of the most anticipated films in DC’s slate is Shazam, which already has Dwayne Johnson tapped to play the main antagonist, Black Adam. The film is currently set for an April 5, 2019 release.

The last update we reported on in regards to the Shazam film can be found in Heroic Insider #5 during the Heroic Scoop Drop in which our EIC Umberto Gonzalez reported that Warner Bros. and DC Films are waiting for a draft and upon delivery of it, will go after directors.  Although as of right now, no other actors have been cast in the film, including the titular role, I would like to present a few potential candidates that I can see playing the role of Shazam’s secret identity, Billy Batson.

The casting of Billy Batson is just as integral to the film’s success as the casting of his heroic alter-ego. This could be DC’s opportunity to find a great young performer that can epitomize Billy’s childlike spirit. Marvel and Sony had a tall order when casting their brand new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and thankfully Tom Holland swung into audiences’ hearts adding youthfulness to the MCU.

In terms of young actors, DC has Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher portraying Barry Allen/The Flash and Vic Stone/Cyborg respectively, whom are set to encapsulate the sheer *fun* of the Justice League. Any of these 13 actors that I propose for Billy Batson would only add more youthful energy to the DCEU – thus, helping the universe settle itself into the groove that it is trying to find.


Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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  • Chris W

    Another one of these multi page adsense articles. Is this the direction you’re taking HH?

  • Carl

    How about they just CG Channing Tatum’s face on a kid’s body so he can play both roles? It worked well in the 1st Captain America movie.

  • RNG

    I actually thought of the St. Vincent kid too before reading this, that and the kid from the TV version of About A Boy. Overall a pretty plausible list, excluding a couple that may be too old by the time filming begins.

  • Loop Hughes

    Alternative title: “presenting 11 indistinguishable white boys in multipage slideshow”

    • Lea

      They’re indistinguishable if you’re pretty terrible with the whole concept of human features. Come on.

  • xxjinzaxx

    Some of the actors look too young for the role. Billy should be close to high school freshman age. Enough to where he’s not quite a young adult yet; enough where he’s not a little kid anymore – which in turn would work into Billy’s struggle in finding parents seeking to adopt.

    The younger children in your list ook the opposite.

    Billy has to have bite, kind of mischievous. I picture someone with this face, but he’s too old now.

    But then, what if The Rock plays both Shazam and Black Adam?

    • Ida Hollingsworth


    • Kels

      Totally agree with the Rock playing both parts. Ive been saying that from day one.

      • xxjinzaxx

        I was just thinking: if the rock does get both rolls, it’ll be 3 Samoans repping in the DCEU!

  • Enrico Panebianco

    Shazam! alias Patrick Warburton Actor

  • Maximillian Pegasus

    Billy Batson isn’t supposed to be a 9 years old nerdy kid.

  • Maximillian Pegasus

    Room’s kid is the best one for the role, i think he has the look to play a John Connor type kid, and he is young enough that by the second movie he wouldn’t be a 17 years old teenager.