Flash Is The Comic Relief Of ‘Justice League’; Will Be ‘Lighter’ Than ‘Batman v Superman’

Justice League

This weekend, fans finally get to experience Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as meet all the members of the Justice League, from Batman all the way to Cyborg. The reviews are unrelenting (Rotten Tomatoes currently has it at 33 percent) and the reaction spans the spectrum of opinion. But one consistent complaint lodged by reviewers against the film, previewing tonight before opening tomorrow, is that it is just not fun.

Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill both responded to this wave of criticism today. Now producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder reassured in an interview with IGN that Justice League – Part 1, the sequel gearing up for a production start in April, will be a “standalone” film with a “lighter” tone than the Dawn of Justice.

“Roven: Just like Batman v Superman, you didn’t have to see Man of Steel to enjoy the movie because it’s a standalone thing. J.L. will have references to Batman v Superman and that story will feel in certain kinds of ways connected to it.

Snyder: Justice League is, you know, a little bit lighter because some of these characters, you have the Flash who tends to be a bit more comedic.”

Her husband doubled-down on the Flash bit.

“One of the things that lightens is is having a character like Flash who are more optimistic. This movie in particular is two characters who are at a crisis of conscience, which sort of draws them together.”

So there you have it. Ezra Miller’s Flash is apparently so overwhelmingly hilarious he will cure the entire D.C. universe of its grimdark addiction. No, pressure, Ezra.

SOURCE: ComicBookMovie.com

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • Bjax

    I can appreciate this news. It’s definitely good that they are trying to match the tone to the appropriate character post B v S…though I would’ve thought Superman would have been right there beside Flash in the “optimistic” category.

    • gradybridges

      You would think that about Superman but Zander wants to ruin the character.

      So will DC fans be upset about levity in their movies? I thought if it wasn’t dark and gritty it was just a crummy Marvel movie

      • George Daugherty

        If anything, Snyder improved these characters, not ruined them. Just how I see it, anyway.

  • Axxell

    It will feel out of place if they have one single character tasked with being comic relief and everyone else is brooding on the side.

  • kapow!

    I love Grimdark, smile.

  • UltimateSMfan

    For all Batman v Superman’s supposed darkness, there’s quite a bit of levity from the characters in the film especially Alfred. Every scene Alfred was in will made me chuckle. My opinion, the humour goes with the over all tone and story of the movie.
    So lighter tone, automatically more levity from the characters.

    • Thaddeus VonPumpernickel

      Alfred was my favorite part of the film, but that is likely 100% bias because Alfred and Irons.

    • Hugo ‘DenPapa’ Strange

      “in your dreams, Alfred.” lol

  • jollybrah

    The Flash was down right F’n awesome in BvS. I can’t wait to see more Flash in this universe. I can see Cyborg throwing out some jokes here and there to.