DC Rotten Tomatoes Shutdown Petition Reaches 17,000 Signatures

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Well, would you look at that. Yesterday, we reported that a petition, entitled “Shutdown Rotten Tomatoes” was created in response to the negative reviews pouring in for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. For further context about the pure idiocy surrounding this petition that epitomizes the self-entitled nature of fanboy outrage culture, check it out here.

To say that the mere existence of this petition is ignorant and misguided would be an understatement. Yesterday when my article targeting the matter was published, the petition had over 3,000 signatures and counting. How naive could I have been to have thought that maybe, just maybe, this petition would not even come remotely close to the goal of 25,000 signatures. The optimistic side in me hoped that with many other outlets exploring this Onion-worthy story, that this would not be the case. And yet here we are. As of the publishing of this article, this embarrassment of a petition has reached over 17,000 signatures.

At this rate, I would not be surprised if this petition reaches past its goal of 25,000 by the time Suicide Squad hits theaters tomorrow evening. And if that were to be the case, then this select group of extreme DC fans – fans who seemingly define their identities by their fandom of a particular brand of comics are making a complete embarrassment out of not only themselves, but the fanboy community as a whole.

Today, Heroic Hollywood’s own editor-in-chief, Umberto Gonzalez along with reporter Matt Donnelly explored the dilemma surrounding Suicide Squad on The Wrap. It is a worthwhile read for those who are curious as to how the finished product turned out the way it did. In fact, Umberto took to Twitter expressing how DC fanboys should consider another reason for the disappointing reviews.

I hate to say it guys, but knowing the fact that many of us have not seen the film yet, I think it is worth considering the possibility that the reason why the critical responses to the three DC Extended Universe has been lackluster is not due to an agenda that critics are against the brand. And obviously, it’s not because they are being paid by Disney to write negative reviews. Riddle me this, Batfans: perhaps the culprit is, as Umberto put it… Warner Brass.

But at the same time, I think even with the disappointing critical consensus, it should not stop us fans from having hope and optimism for what’s to come. To quote Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight, “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”

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Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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  • Radar Technician Matt

    That “Warner Brass” killed me.

  • Loop Hughes

    This is like one of those offensive hashtags that stays trending because offended people and the media keep tweeting about it.

  • Derek Wiles

    Im still gonna see it. I think its dumb that the critics reviews are weighted so heavily on that site.

    • 39steps

      Here’s someone who doesn’t get it!

      Just one of thousands apparently.

      • Derek Wiles

        Doesn’t get what? Don’t act weird on here; say what you mean.

  • w0undedmagic

    I think the fact that this has amassed so many signatures says more about people getting tired of art being subjected to a bs system in which it can only be seen as “fresh” or “rotten”. I can see how it can be useful to families and casual moviegoers, but it has absolutely poisoned how our culture defines film criticism.
    I haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet, (tomorrow night)-MAYBE it is bad. I’m seeing it because the trailers appealed to me. Really simple. However I feel about the film will definitely not be measured by its “ripeness”. Because that would just be ridiculous:)

    • JMMagwood

      Crazy times… What strikes me is how many so called movie fans are happy or seem to be apoplectic over a freaking movie. I want it to be good, and I want it to do well, but if it’s bad, and even if it fails, it won’t cost me a moment of sleep.

      Petitions to get rid of RT because of the critical consensus? Insane. Some of those that are all over this site posting gleeful comments over the films potential troubles? Equally disturbing. The divisions among comics fans are as bad as the electorate. We can’t seem to get together on anything anymore… Reminds me of our discussion the other day. Maybe the future generations will be better. I sure hope so.

  • Peter James


    That’s odd.

    I thought it was Warner Brahs.

    More specifically,…..Warner gym brahs….


    I’ll see myself out.

  • Carl

    I wonder how many of those signatures are the same person?

    • Axxell

      Probably Sammy…

  • Darthmanwe

    Well, it’s official.

    We have lost our collective minds as humanity.

    Elect Trump, so he can launch nukes over a 3 am tweet and end this pathetic world already.