20 Defining Quotes From The DC CW’s Arrowverse

The CW's DC Arrowverse has been building a solid universe. Here are a few of the defining quotes from shows within the CW's DC Universe.


We’ve already explored quotes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the DC Extended Universe as they are both rich in unique dialogue from their characters and plots. Of course, another equally popular superhero franchise takes place on the small screen from The CW in their own unique universe. Whether you call it the “Berlantiverse” or the “Arrowverse,” the CW superhero shows have been a vast success. With shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and soon to be Black Lightning (if it moves past the pilot phase), the CW’s unique superhero universe also has a whole bunch of defining quotes. Here are a few of the top quotes from the Arrowverse.

20. George Washington’s Appreciation For Rory (Legends of Tomorrow)

“Your rebel spirit, your steadfastness, your crass yet effective use of language…you, Mr. Rory, represent the best of what our new nation can be.” – George Washington
“Yes, yes I do.” – Rory

When the Legends travel to times of the Revolutionary War to try and stop a brainwashed Rip Hunter from rewriting history at the expense of murdering George Washington and getting the Spear of Destiny, Rory manages to become encamped with one of the founders of America. While there, his usual gruff demeanor is ever present. Washington was an honor-bound general who wanted to use the usual honor-bound standard for warfare while Rory’s approach was more in line with the antihero we all know and love. Rory managed to show Washington that it’s OK to do a “little” cheating when it comes to winning, and he managed not only to sway Washington to his way of thinking (which in turn, helped with the war), but he also got a statue built in his honor when they returned back to the present.

19. Patty Marvels At How Crazy Central City Is (The Flash)

“I just watched a half-man half-shark take on the fastest man alive. I love this city!” – Patty Spivot

Detective Patty Spivot’s quote completely personifies how Central City has changed in the aftermath of the STAR Labs Particle Accelerator explosion. With the creation of metahumans, anything is possible nowadays. Seemingly every week, a new metahuman is discovered that Team Flash has to deal with (if they are bad guys). Such powers introduced on the show have been flight, Gaseous transformation, Geokinesis, energy absorption, sand powers, steel transformation, sonic powers, and of course, speedsters! With the introduction of King Shark, Central City once again outdoes itself in the realm of the impossible, and manages to impress Patty, who as a metahuman police detective is still amazed by what she sees on the regular.

18. Vandal Savage Schools His Protégé (Legends of Tomorrow)

“To Run a corporation is not the same as ruling a country.” – Vandal Savage

In one possible future, the government has disbanded and now corporations rule in their stead. Evil tyrant (and season one villain) Vandal Savage is on the board of the ruling corporation the Kasnia Conglomerate before his rise to power. He is also grooming Per Degaton, who will one day pass power over to Savage. The quote is ironic as it relates to current American politics where there are some politicians who think that America should be run more like a business than a country, to the point that we elected a businessman who no experience running a country. Ever so often, the Arrowverse cleverly dips into American politics to either point out an important issue to shed a light on it (like LGBT issues, immigration, or gun control), or to show the irony of a political issue that is controversial.

17. Cisco Marvel’s At King Shark’s Size (The Flash)

“We’re gonna need a bigger Flash.” – Cisco

Now you knew a Cisco crack would get on this list! Francisco Ramonm, Barry’s friend, scientific genius, a metahuman with “vibe” powers, and deliverer of the best puns in the Arrowverse. When it is revealed that King Shark is still alive and has been under the watch of ARGUS the whole time, until he escapes and is determined to Kill Barry based on biological imperative, Team Flash knows they have their work cut out for them. Cisco borrows the classic line from Stephen Spielberg’s shark horror film (that made people scared to go swimming) Jaws to state the obvious, King Shark’s going to be a problem for them!

16. Rip Hunter Delivers DC Puns Explaining His Experience As a Time Master (Legends of Tomorrow)

“The benefit of being a Time Master is that the length and breadth of history gives one perspective. I’ve seen darker days. I’ve seen men of steel die and dark knights fall, and even then I accomplished my mission no matter what.” – Rip Hunter

In the inaugural episode of Legends of Tomorrow, team leader Rip Hunter is gathering his band of misfits to form the Legends and explains much of what he’s seen as a Time Master. Although Batman and Superman (except two episodes of Supergirl) will probably never make it into the Arrowverse (as they are still big screen draws), they manage to sneak thinly-veiled references to the two DC powerhouse characters. It’s also a little foreshadowing to the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as the man of steel “dies” and in many Batman stories, the Dark Knight did fall from grace as well. Perhaps there is an alternate reality or time aberration where those will show up, but until then we can hope.

15. Oliver References His “Toys” (Arrow)

“You know us billionaire vigilantes, we do love our toys.” – Oliver Queen

Another Batman reference. In fact, when Arrow first hit the small screen, it basically was “Batman-lite” as it makes Oliver a pseudo-Bruce Wayne, hell-bent on delivering justice as a vigilante. He also was trained in various martial arts and required criminals pay for failing the city. This quote is a direct reference to the line delivered by Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film when he observes Batman in action as asks “Where does he get those toys?”

14. Cat Grant Pokes Fun At The CW (Supergirl)

“All four of you standing there doing nothing, you look like the attractive yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.” -Cat Grant

Before Supergirl left CBS and joined the CW for cost production purposes (although arguably should have always been a CW show as they are all in the Arrowverse), Catco CEO Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) made an inside baseball remark at how the cast already had a CW show formula in regards to casting. They were all incredibly attractive, they were all diverse, and they were all non-threatening. Of course, the irony is that they all ended up on the CW anyway, so the casting proved to be accurate.

13. Cat’s No Fool (Supergirl)

“Barry’s leaving town and I was gonna see him off.” – Kara Danvers
“Okay. Tell Mr. Allen to have a good time zipping around in his red outfit.” – Cat Grant
“Wait, you knew he was The Flash?” – Kara Danvers
“Oh, please. Barry shows up, The Flash shows up. His insistence on that silly name. And he was so unfailingly charming and nice, that he had to be either a superhero or a Mormon.” – Cat Grat

Only Cat Grant has the sense to put two and two together during the first Supergirl/Flash crossover episode during the first season of Supergirl. For a show where no one can tell that Kara and Supergirl are the same person (on account of glasses), it’s good that they at least referenced that the characters aren’t “too” stupid. Cat realized that Barry’s The Flash because as soon as he showed up, so did the Scarlett Speedster. As soon as is ready to leave, so is The Flash. Makes sense. Now if she can only see that her former assistant was also a superhero.

12. Oliver Tells Felicity His Way Of Doing Things (Arrow)

“It’s not how I typically get my information.” – Oliver Queen
“How do you typically do it?” – Felicity Smoak
“I find the person. And then I put the fear of God into them until they talk. But we can try your way.” -Oliver Queen

In a very Batman-esque manner, Oliver explains his approach to dealing with criminals. Old school Oliver, when he was “The Hood” had a Jack Bauer approach to dealing with criminals and getting information. This conversation with Felicity shows both his dark side, as well as his light-hearted nature as well. Although he’s not above putting the fear of God into people, he’s open to a more gentle approach when needed.

11. Ray Palmer Comments On Fear And Bravery (Legends of Tomorrow)

“There’s no bravery without fear.” – Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer has been an interesting character in the Arrowverse. The genius inventor and CEO, basically Tony Starked himself to becoming a superhero. In creating the Atom suit, he gained the courage to make a difference that way. In joining the Legends, he has the chance to further himself even more. Many times throughout the series, he has seemingly been overcompensating his bravery as a means to prove to himself that he’s up for the challenge. In the episode “Outlaw Country” he explains that fear is OK, as you need to be afraid to overcome it and be brave.

10. Supergirl Doesn’t Like Having A Nemesis (Supergirl)

“I hate having a nemesis. Clark always makes it look so much fun, like… like you have a deadly pen pal you see once a year. But having a nemesis is stressful.” – Kara Danvers

One part of Supergirl that has been lacking is the quality of villains. It’s the same dilemma that exists for Superman as well. Kryptonians are just too powerful! While Supergirl has done a good job in making not as omnipotent as she is in the comics and her cousin is in the movies, she still doesn’t have a quality villain that can match her. The introduction of Livewire seemed to change that. Even Kara herself notes that she hates having a nemesis, someone on her equal that she has to continually do battle with. In the season 2 episode, “We Can Be Heroes,” she seems to avoid Livewire as she does not want a nemesis, as it is stressful.

9. Barry Is The Impossible (The Flash)

“I’ve spent my whole life searching for the impossible. Never imagining that I would become the impossible” – Barry Allen

Barry’s monologues are the best anyway, so you know one of them would have to be on this list. Barry becoming the impossible pretty much sums up The Flash in a nutshell. Barry has been searching for the impossible: a way to figure out what happened to his mother when she dies and free his father, a feat that’s near impossible. However, after the STAR Labs Particle Accelerator explosion, Barry becomes impossible, and in doing so is able to help solve the impossible situation he’s been trying to solve his whole life.

8. Caitlin’s Pep Talk To Barry (The Flash)

“With or without your speed, you’re still you, Barry.” – Caitlin Snow

Most of the time on The Flash, Barry is constantly obsessed about getting faster and faster so he can overcome the next challenge. However, being a hero about more than gaining special abilities. Being a hero is something that exists in the “hero” already. The powers just make that person able to be more of a hero than they were before. That’s why when Caitlin tells Barry that his speed is not what makes him who he is. Being Barry is what makes him special.

7. Kara Discovers That She Likes Being Supergirl (Supergirl)

“Uh, there’s something about me that for most of my life, I’ve run from it. But last night, I embraced who I am and I don’t want to stop.” – Kara Danvers

Although Kara was sent to Earth to look after her cousin Kal-El, she arrived way after she was supposed to and by the time she arrived, he was already the grown up we all know and love, Superman. As a result, she kept her alien heritage a secret and just lived a normal life as Kara Danvers, regular person. However, when she revealed her powers in order to save a group of people, it opened a newfound heroism and courage in her that she no longer wanted to contain. She likes being Kara, but she also likes being Supergirl and no longer wanted to pretend she wasn’t extraordinary.

6. Barry Can’t Run Faster Than Everything (The Flash)

“I thought being the fastest man alive would make my life easier, that I could outrun anything. Turns out, no one can outrun pain.” – Barry Allen

Although Barry as The Flash is heroic, and can do almost anything: from running faster than almost anyone else in the multiverse, walking through an object, even walking through time, he cannot outrun everything. Pain is something that can’t go away via alcohol, drugs, solitude, or even superpowers like The Speed Force. Barry still deals with the death of his mother as well as the death of his father. No matter how strong he gets via his superpowers, he still has to live and deal with that pain.

5. Felicity Says That Classic Crossover Line (Invasion: The Flash)

“Best team up ever!” – Felicity Smoak

This is pretty much self-explanatory. With the threat of The Dominators encircling the globe, the heroes of the Arrowverse must band together, set aside differences and team up to save the earth from the alien invaders. As they all group together for the first time, it is a pretty awesome team up and they all banded together to defeat the alien foe.

4. Laurel Lance, A True Hero (Arrow)

“Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world.”

Even before she became the Black Canary, Laurel Lance was a hero. Being the Assistant District Attorney of Star City, she was responsible for the prosecution of many criminals in the Star City judicial system. By night, she operated as a vigilante, the Black Canary. Working on both sides of the law, she made sure that she was doing her part to make Star City a better place. Numerous people throughout the show constantly refer to her always trying to save the world, and she did her part until she met her unfortunate demise at the hands of Damien Darhk.

3. Barry Reminds Us What Makes A Hero (The Flash)

“Not every hero wears a mask. Some heroes save the day in the simplest of ways. By just being there for us, or letting us know we’re believed in.” – Barry Allen

One of the main themes following many superhero movies/TV show is what exactly makes someone a hero. Is it their powers? Is it their character? One key point in the third Dark Knight movie is when Batman tells Jim Jordon that he was a hero for helping a young kid in need many years ago. The same thing applies on The Flash and in the Arrowverse. Barry tells Wells (before he’s found out to be the Reverse Flash in disguise) that he’s just as big a hero, because he believes in him, and that helps The Flash be a hero, as long as he has people believing in him. Speaking of false-Wells….

2. Barry’s Mantra (The Flash)

“Run, Barry, run” – Harrison Wells

Although this is Eobard Thawne trying to make Barry faster for his own nefarious purposes, this is pretty much the theme of The Flash i.e. Barry continuing to be faster than ever. The faster he gets, the more power he obtains, the greater a hero he can become. Although Eobard Thawne started this phrase, it pretty much gets co-opted and used by everyone for whenever Barry needed to push himself to go faster than he has before so that he can save the day. It’s been used by his mother, Oliver, even Zoom when Barry needed to go the extra mile and use his speed.

1. Oliver’s Mantra (Arrow)

“You have failed this city.” – Oliver Queen

When he was “The Hood,” Oliver delivered his killer arrow into the bad guy by telling them “[Insert Name Here], you have failed this city.” This served to be his calling card for delivering justice to those whose names were in his book that needed to be stopped, those destroying Star City. Although he has adopted the idea of not killing his enemies as “The Green Arrow,” the fact remains, he is out to stop those who are failing Star City. Through his vigilantism, Oliver is trying to save the city night by night and stop those criminals (street-wise or other types) to ensure they stop failing Star City.

Are there any Arrowverse quotes you also think should be included? Sound off in the comments.

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