‘Walking Dead’ Robert Kirkman Talks About His Original Vision For Negan’s Kill


With The Walking Dead seventh season premiere right around the corner, fans have been relentlessly debating who they believe Negan killed ever since the monumental cliff hanger ended season six. Knowing that one of the core beloved characters of the iconic group  would be facing a brutal exit from the show forever, fans have all be left questioning if their favorite character would be the one to go or not. For Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, finding the right victim in the graphic novel was an ridiculously hard task, but in the end Kirkman has recently revealed that his mind had been made up for quite awhile leading up to the decision.

In a panel at New York Comic Con, Kirkman spoke on his choice to have Negan kill Glenn in the comics:

“It was always supposed to be Glenn. Glenn was supposed to die earlier in the comic but then I changed my mind.”

According to Kirkman, his original plan was to have Glenn meet his end much earlier in the story, but decided to push it off and save him for this special moment. Similarly on the show, we also saw Glenn survive a near death experience by hiding under a dumpster after being surrounded by walkers at one point in season six. Which begs the question:  Does this admission by Kirkman reveal that Glenn will be the one who indeed falls victim to Negan on the Walking Dead series as well?

Either way, fans can rest assure an answer will be coming soon as season seven of The Walking Dead premieres on October 23 at 9pm ET on AMC.

Source: Comicbook.com

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