5 Characters That Should Be In The DC Extended Universe

With the success of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the DC Extended Universe, it is setting itself apart from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but perhaps they should be digging deeper than DC’s Big 7 to leverage characters wholly unique to DC. I’ve put together a little wish list here of characters that I think would help DC extend their scope and defiantly set them apart from the competition. DC has such a rich history of characters that it’s hard to pick just 5 stand outs, but I tried to pick characters that present unique stories and worlds for fans to love. I’ve excluded Vertigo characters because that is a whole other list, with different criteria.

1: Booster Gold

DC TV has had some luck with time travel on the recently renewed DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and with the appearance of The Flash in Batman v Superman, we know time travel will be playing a big part in the DC Extended Universe. So why not bring DC’s most interesting and charismatic time traveler Booster Gold to the silver screen? An opportunistic janitor that slips back in time utilizing stolen technology to seek fame in the history he never paid attention to while in school. Booster Gold is the kind of action comedy that doesn’t insult the source material that fans and suits have been craving. With the proven success of the comedy infused super heroics of Deadpool that is still fresh in audiences’ hearts, the world is primed for Booster Gold. But if DCEU passes on Booster, maybe he will pop up on Legends of Tomorrow next season.

2: Blue Devil

A stunt man is magically fused to his special effects suit and becomes a literal Blue Devil in one of DC’s odder properties. Magic is the prime area where DC has a lead on Marvel, with a murderer’s row of incredible characters just warming the bench. Blue Devil would provide the DCEU with an everyman character thrust into their deep and weird magical realms on a quest to regain his humanity. A blue Hellboy meets Every Which Way But Loose. He is a character with a clear purpose to seek out the likes of Constantine and Zatanna etc, if DC wants to keep with their strategy of piloting characters in movies before letting them stand on their own.

3: Blue Beetle

One of the major themes of DC is legacy, and the two most recent Blue Beetles, Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes, presents a unique take on the classic legacy mentorship dynamic. Ted is the retired sunshine Batman of the DCEU and Jaime is the similarly named protégé with a completely different power set. Generational, racial, and power set differences make for lots of opportunity for a one of a kind franchise with one of the most viable Latino superheroes in either universe. Plus Jaime’s powers are cosmic in origin and could help DC open up their universe with a bridge between the action in Green Lantern Corps and the more street level action on Earth.

4: The Spectre

A police officer is killed in the line of duty and then resurrected as the embodiment of God’s vengeance on Earth. The Spectre is essentially an unstoppable unbeatable God, but that actually opens up traditional superhero fair to the viable and untapped world of horror. Imagine a cross between Saw and Nightmare on Elm Street where a cop serves up moral lessons to evil doers via terror. Spectre is a great opportunity to blow-open the superhero genre with a hard R rated horror franchise that Marvel would never attempt.

5: Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc. was an eighties comic based on the descendants of the JSA teaming up to continue the legacy of their parents. This one is a fun one that could give DCEU a chance to work with characters less cemented in the public consciousness and open for reinterpretation while also providing an opportunity to bring classic JSA characters into the mix. A whole golden age meets modern age mash up that would allow the optimism of the past to serve as a foil to modern heroes.

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