5 Great Elements In ‘Batman v Superman’

Last weekend Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released to very mixed reception. There is a lot of movement and reactions within the fan community ranging from positive to extremely negative. We here at Heroic Hollywood enjoyed the film and so with that I think it’s an appropriate time to list five Elements that are great in the film.  There are several things that do work very well and those elements should be highlighted so that it doesn’t get lost within the criticisms and the controversy. As a word of warning this list contains Spoilers so proceed with caution.  Now on to the list!


Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • David

    Can’t agree with your support for the Cameos or the Knightmare sequence. The former, especially, was sloppily crammed in there. It felt like the dark days of ‘Iron Man 2’ and those crass pre-Avengers pushes.

    • I whole heartily agree. Affleck could make for a great batman, so long as the script delivers and the same goes for Gadot and WW.

    • breakerbaker

      Yeah. I think the Knightmare sequence needed to be dropped or they needed to cut that and the Flash sequence a bit differently. Personally, I would have cut the first two dream sequences, too. Or I would have changed the content of the dreams to stuff related to Robin and/or Batgirl, with some interspersed bits of the Waynes’ murders. They should have been pleasant dreams that turn into nightmares of Bruce helplessly reliving his worst moments.

      I also agree that the cameos were really poorly put together. They really serve no purpose in the context of this movie, which makes how poorly produced they are that much more unforgivable for me.

  • Foreign Geek

    No.5 is my favorite. Notice that she wss able to cut and dismember Doomsday. She is a better fighter than even Bruce. I hope they show Bruce and Diana training superman on how to fight.

  • breakerbaker

    What I find most frustrating about this movie (which I would say is not a good movie) is that it really does feel like it’s a couple really simple rewrites and a few choice edits away from being a really good movie. I think the rewrites would need to be a bit more extensive turn it into a great movie. If I had to come up with a list of five things I liked…

    1. Clark Kent stuff. I think the Clark and Lois scene early in the movie (tub scene) is one of the better scenes in the movie. I generally like what they do in the movie by trying to turn Clark into a real reporter chasing a story.

    2. Most of the Bruce Wayne and Alfred stuff. I don’t think the movie does nearly enough to earn or explain the depths of this Batman’s brutality or indifference to human life, but I like his rapport with Alfred, and I like the amount of work he does going “undercover” as himself.

    3. Diana Prince. I’m still not completely sold on her as an actress, but I like the scenes she shares with Bruce early on.

    4. The very earliest bits of Eisenberg’s Lex. This is a difficult one because I think the performance and the writing for character go off the rails way too early in the movie, but I think that initial scene where he’s talking about the discovery of Kryptonite and trying to make a positive argument in favor of creating a Kryptonian deterrent could have been the foundation for a really interesting Lex. The moment he starts feeding Jolly Rancher’s to the guy from the State Department (or senate or wherever) is the moment his character starts to lose all of its potential for me, which sucks.

    5. The final Batman fight. This another tough one because I think they made a big mistake (in terms of his character arc) by letting him kill in this scene when I think it would have been a real opportunity for redemption to have him be just as effective as the brutal Batman but kill nobody to save Martha.

  • Steve Steve

    OH! hahaha! I knew there’d be an April Fools article on here somewhere!

  • Matt Ruff

    Well this site is losing credibility fast. Umberto was all over podcasts saying that the movie was going to be nothing less than epic. I’m not exaggerating his statements either. The movie was flat and HH is trying to make up for it by trying to point out some things that were “great” which really were not. Disappointing.

  • Vonnie Ashari

    That’s what I thought, number 2 is saying it all!

    The fighting scene was packed well. Superman showed his powerfulness to Batman, then Batman shot him with Krypton-gas. Supes’ weakened, so Batman took the opportunity to finish him and bc Supes didn’t think he will be able to save Martha, he told Bat to ‘save Martha.’

    A fighting scene doesn’t have to be long. Why should they kept smashing each other if there’s no need to?

  • Aingeal An Bhais

    I was surprised by Affleck’s Batman. But best portrayal? That’s bold talk.

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