5 Great Moments From Supergirl’s First Season


When the series Supergirl was announced it surprised me quite a bit. I didn’t think we would ever see a show like this on a network as large as CBS. Even with sharing some of the same producers as Arrow and The Flash, two shows that I love, I didn’t realize how much I would come to enjoy Supergirl.

Heading into tonight’s season 1 finale, I thought I would look back at some of my favorite moments of the season. I skimmed back through the episode descriptions and found five that really stuck out to me. I’ve put them in order based on their episode number.

This probably goes without warning, but SPOILER WARNING for the first season of Supergirl.

Episode 6: ‘Red Faced’

With the stress and pressure of being Supergirl, working for the DEO and being Cat Grant’s assistant, Kara was struggling with how to cope with everything on her plate. On top of that, she was tasked to participate in a training exercise against an android, The Red Tornado, for the Army. Ultimately this exercise was to help the Army learn how to kill Kryptonians. This culminated in Supergirl unleashing her heat vision in a fit of rage and destroying the Tornado. The following episode James referred to this as a solar flare and it resulted in Supergirl being temporarily powerless.

Episode 7: ‘Human for a Day’

There had been lots of speculation about what Hank Henshaw’s secret was. He was clearly hiding something, and we kept being teased with “red eyes” which most people, myself included, attributed to his comic book counterpart, the Cyborg Superman. Another theory that was floating around was that Hank wasn’t the Cyborg Superman, but the Martian Manhunter. I had mostly dismissed those theories, thinking there was no chance a show like this is going to do that in it’s first season. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so thrilled to have been wrong. When Hank revealed himself as the Martian Manhunter, it was fantastic. To top it off, the character design looks incredible. Since then we have seen his Martian form a number of times, and each time has been great.

Episode 13: ‘For the Girl Who Has Everything’

This entire episode was a homage to the great Superman story, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, ‘For the Man Who Has Everything.’ The episode was full of great moments, from seeing a young Kal-El on Krypton, to Supergirl putting a major beating on Non. But the most shocking scene for many came during the Astra vs Martian Manhunter battle. When Astra got the upper hand, Alex impaled her with a Kryptonite laced sword to save J’onn’s life. To make it more heartbreaking, Kara felt that she had recently been getting through to her Aunt and had a chance at helping her reform. To spare the sisters’ relationship, J’onn took responsibility for killing Astra. This would  lead to tension among Kara, Alex, and J’onn that would last for a couple episodes before the full truth came out.

Episode 16: ‘Falling’

This episode featured a number of scenes that I felt could have made this list. But I settled on one involving the Red Kryptonite influenced Supergirl and Cat Grant. This episode began with Cat referring to herself as the most powerful person in National City. After exposure to the Red Kryptonite,  Supergirl decided to take out her frustrations on Cat, and show her who really had power. She threw her off of CatCo. Of course Supergirl rescued Cat, but not without leaving her with words to remember:

True power, Cat, is deciding who will live and who will die.

Episode 18: ‘Worlds Finest’

Ever since Supergirl was announced fans wanted to see her crossover with the DC shows on the CW. When it finally happened, and The Flash (Grant Gustin) came to National City it was a true highlight of the year. The on screen chemistry between Benoist and Gustin was undeniable and many people think this episode was one of the most fun episodes of the season. The single moment that stands out to me is simply when Kara gives Barry a hug before he leaves her dimension. Rather than fighting each other, or having a brooding contest, it was refreshing to see two super-heroes get along and have fun. Hopefully we get to see more team-ups in the future. This episode was without a doubt my favorite of the year.

The Supergirl season 1 finale airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

Brent Clark

Brent Clark

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