5 Great Moments From The New ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Trailer

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
A brand new DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer dropped this evening, and it looks like we have quite a bit of great stuff to look forward to over the back half of season one. Check out the trailer and then go on to read about five moments we can’t wait to see in action.

Ray Palmer Statue

The Atom Museum?

In what has to be a scene from the future Ray finds himself stunned to be the subject of a museum exhibit. The woman he talks to in the shot notices that Ray looks just like the statue of… well, himself. I’m looking forward to seeing what he will think of all of this. It’s not exactly a secret that he wants to cement his place in history, and it looks like he may have done just that.

Felicity Smoak and Quentin Lance

Old Friends

It looks like our heroes will be traveling to the more recent past, as their past selves are now being hunted by the Time Masters. This is going to include appearances from *Arrow cast members: Emily Bett Rickards/Felicity Smoak and Paul Blackthorne/Quentin Lance.

Ra's and Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul

Even though the League of Assassins have been a part of the Arrow-Verse since Arrow season 2, The older and more widely known daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia, has yet to make an appearance. That’s finally changing when she appears along side her famous father in the upcoming ninth episode ‘Left Behind.’ Sara finds herself in the presence of the League where we will see Matt Nable reprise his role as Ra’s, and for the first time Talia. However, this won’t be the woman who is both an enemy, and love interest, to Batman. Rather, it will be her as a child, and the trailer almost makes it sound like Ra’s wants her to train under Sara.


Jonah Hex

We have known for quite awhile that Johnathon Schaech would be guest starring as Jonah Hex and with a minor exception, footage has finally been released from his eagerly anticipated appearance. (That exception being a brief glimpse of him on The Flash as Flash traveled between universes.) While it’s not yet known what connection he may have to the Legends, Rip and Jonah have met in the comics on occasion. Jonah will be appearing in episode 11, ‘The Magnificent Eight.’

Jax Looking Up at Atom

The Atom Growing?

Rounding out our list is once again The Atom. This time however, he tells Jax to stand back, and then the camera cuts to what appears to be Atom’s point of view, as Jax is getting smaller and smaller. While known for shrinking down to microscopic sizes, I can’t remember a time off hand when he actually grew larger in size the way Marvel’s Giant-Man has been known to do. This might be the shot that intrigues me the most from this amazing trailer.

That’s my list. What other moments from the trailer are you looking forward to?

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