5 Reasons Why ’Supergirl’ Should Be Renewed

Supergirl S2

A week ago today, we saw the season finale to the 1st season of CBS’ DC Comics drama, Supergirl, the story of Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), the Girl of Steel who stepped out of the shadows and became National City’s own guardian angel. Fans of the show have since the start of this year waited to find out whether CBS will renew Supergirl for a second season as this is the only DC TV show that hasn’t been renewed yet. The ratings has slipped throughout the first season, but still remained at decent numbers even though CBS were probably expecting higher, given how much resources this show requires in terms of special effects and more.

In addition, the L+3 DVR numbers also rounds it up to pretty good numbers in the end and even without DVR numbers, Supergirl is the comic book TV show with the highest ratings when you compare the numbers to what the shows on the other networks gets. Maybe there is no reason to be worried as CBS has yet to renew any of their new shows from this TV season. Who knows, maybe a renewal is coming this afternoon, this week or we are just simply having to wait till May 18 which is when CBS will be holding their Upfront. But in today’s television industry, anything can literally happen to our favorite TV shows because of how much TV viewing has changed. However, Supergirl is a show that should without doubt be renewed for a second season and today I’m giving my five reasons for why CBS should continue Kara’s adventures on the screen.


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht is an online entertainment journalist who has been covering television and movies since 2010. In addition, he is also a podcast producer.

  • Carl

    The #1 reason should be Melissa Benoist. She is amazing. She shows a wide range in the show, she looks amazing in the costume and she’s a great role model.

    I hope that they can use Superman at some point. CBS should fight for that. Considering how different and dead he is in the DCEU, would it matter if we had another Superman?

    Also who’s in that Kryptonian ship?

    • w0undedmagic

      Great role model? Sure, if you think teen girls should take pictures of themselves getting fvcked and save them on their phones to easily get hacked ala “#thefappening”. LOL

      No judgement from my end- but let’s not pretend that her real life is as “pure” as the fictional character she plays.

      That said, I agree that she has shown a wide range of acting chops (the scene when she loses her shtt on her mother’s AI for withholding information about Astra solidified it).

      I would love for them to introduce Conner Kent’s Superboy-it would be a reasonable work-around to not having Superman, AND Kara would be “vicariously” fulfilling her original mission in protecting a young Kal-El (Conner being a clone of Clark.)
      Normally, I’d keep my fanficky ideas to myself-but The CWverse has dived so deep into DC lore that it’s actually in the realm of possibility!

      • I’ve heard reports from many people that have worked with MB directly and they consistently say she is the nicest and hardest working person in Hollywood. (nearly) Everybody she works with loves her. From that and other sources, including even who she follows on twitter, she appears to be a very thoughtful and professional person with good character and an advanced mind. As far as celebrities go she’s as fine a role model as they come imo. I know that’s not saying much.

        • w0undedmagic

          I’m sure she’s a nice person and hard worker. She seems genuine. You don’t need to defend her with “reports” you’ve heard.

          I just think it’s funny when people try to sell her as this virginal “girl next door” type, when in reality-all it takes is a few clicks in google to see she likes to be baaad like the rest of us;)

          • yeah, you’ve made your point, no need to repeat it. you seem to equate sex/nudity as abnormal or “bad” for some strange reason. what’s BAD is when someone’s privacy is violated and not respected by others.

          • w0undedmagic

            LOL I most definitely DO NOT think her (or anyone’s) sexuality is “bad” or “abnormal” by any means. You need to calm the fvck down and watch what kind of nonsense you imply. You seem so overprotective of other’s perception of her-it’s pretty creepy. Makes me wonder just what kind of “reporting” you do. Link to your tumblr?

          • I implied nothing – you clearly have a mental problem. And I never said I “report” on anything. I simply meant, as a fan of the show, I’ve listened to podcasts and read interviews where her colleagues praise her character and abilities.

      • Carl

        Well it’s probably safe to assume that anyone who would look up to Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl doesn’t know about the pictures. I can tell you though that they are great and very inspiring. lol

        Yeah I was thinking of a version of Superboy as well. That would work.

        • w0undedmagic

          Don’t be naïve, Carl. In truth, I actually wasn’t even “looking” for those pics-they found me! That’s just the internet for ya-full of all types of great and terrible surprises:)

  • Jose Gabriel Marmol

    they actually renew rigth? after weeks of the premire they say that.

    • Brian Holland

      That was likely the full season 1 pickup you’re referring to Jose.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    It’s not renewed?

  • Fate Jacket X

    Was gonna read it but then you had to put it on multiple pages for no other reason than to get more clicks. Seeya.

    • Brian Holland

      Yeah I hate that too!

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  • chris

    Should not be renewed