5 Things We Learned From The ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK’ Sneak Peek

Justice League Dark Image 1

The first look at the new DC Animated film, Justice League Dark has been released and it gave us a lot to ponder and look forward to. In Batman: The Killing Joke bonus features this eight minute video is what we gravitated first. Justice League Dark has been in the mix in some shape or another to become a film for quite some time, it appears clearly that the animated route will be the first go. Perhaps hopefully someday we will get a live action take on the big screen, until then let’s dissect that sneak peek and see what we learned.


Nick Navarro

Nick Navarro

Journalist coming out of retirement. Work on screenplays and treatments in my spare time. Huge DC fanboy. Happy to be on the HH team!

  • Christophe Labonne

    Could you add an option so that we can watch every pages in a single page? Be it on a computer or a laptop, this is super frustrating to click “Next” every single time. Could you, at least, put a keyboard shortcut or something?

  • Darksirius

    I highly suggest WB should start making these Animated movies independent from Batman. Batman is in everything, it’s really starting to bore me. Let these Animations stand on their own for once. JLD is JLD, why should they worm Batman into the story?

    • SAMURAI36

      Because, Batman was a part of JLD’s origin in the comics, that’s why.

    • Darthmanwe

      He indeed is in JLD’s first appearance, Batman is sort of the gateway to their tie-ins to both being a team and to the bigger DC at whole. This is pretty consistent with their origin story, so I’m not complaining.

      Besides, if you know ANYTHING about John Constantine, you can be damn sure that Batman’s spotlight will be… very damn bleak. That man doesn’t share well, heh.


    Magic Is Introduced Into The DCAU Continuity:

    This is false. Magic has already been intro’d into the DCAU, via Raven in the JL/Titans film.

    You guys really should be more informed on this stuff. Either that, or go back to talking about how “Marvel won Comic-Con”, like a sycophant.