SDCC 2017: 5 Things To Know About ‘Arrow’ Season 6


The cast and executive producers of Arrow appeared at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. With them, they brought a new trailer for season six and lots of new information and teasers to digest, including casting news and word on a two-part flashback arc for Deathstroke.

At the Arrow panel in Ballroom 20 on Saturday, the cast and showrunners revealed a few more tidbits about season six that should get fans excited. Below are the five things you need to know from the panel about Arrow season six.

  • Vigilante’s identity will be unveiled. It won’t be Tommy Merlyn, but it will be a familiar face that the fans know from before.
  • Anatoly Knyazev will be “back with a literal vengeance” according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim.
  • The dynamic between Black Siren and the rest of the characters will be the exact opposite than the relationships Laurel had with them.
  • The flashbacks will still be around, but they’ll no longer be in every episode and they won’t necessarily be island based. They will still tie in with the characters and the show’s story arc.
  • Oliver is “not the best dad,” says Stephen Amell. We’ll be seeing a very different Oliver Queen and he will be trying to have a relationship with his son.

In the trailer, we see Deathstroke and Oliver teaming up and know that Black Siren and Dinah Drake, the new Black Canary, will not be getting along. So, it’s safe to say that Arrow’s sixth season has a lot to look forward to.

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With the future of the team left hanging in the balance, Arrow gave new definition to the phrase “blowing up the show.” The emotional showdown between Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase was the perfect conclusion to a stellar fifth season of The CW’s gritty DC Super Hero series. Now, the focus shifts to uncovering the fate of each and every member of Team Arrow. Could anyone have possibly survived an island-wide explosion, or has the book closed on them, as it has on Oliver’s five-year flashback story?

Arrow season six will premiere on Thursday, October 12 at 9/8c (new day and timeslot) on The CW.

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