5 Ways ‘Justice League’ Could Resurrect Superman

In the aftermath of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans saw Superman sacrifice himself for the world and perished at the hands of Doomsday. The ending of the film saw an emotional funeral for both Superman and Clark Kent, with Batman vowing to assemble the Justice League and prepare for what is coming their way.

With Justice League right around the corner, fans are eager to figure out how the iconic hero will be returning to the land of the living in time for the Justice League to assemble against their biggest foe yet.

In lieu of whats likely to be the biggest plot point of the upcoming film, Heroic Hollywood has put together a list of 5 ways DC could resurrect Superman in the upcoming Justice League film

Natural Healing Factor

In the film during the fight with Doomsday, Superman is hit dead on with a nuke, and while the villain plummets to the earth, Superman recovers in orbit thanks to help from the sun.

In the 2007 direct-to-video animated film Superman:Doomsday (based on the iconic Death of Superman comic), Superman was brought back to life by the care of the Fortress of Solitude and his own accelerated healing ability thanks to the yellow sun. The upcoming film could easily adapt key elements of this plot point as the way the man of steel could indeed return.

While its clear from the closing moments of the film that Superman is indeed returning, with the final shot of his coffin can be considered fairly ambiguous as the implication of his lifeless body generating energy, its still unclear if it is enough for his own personal ressurection.

Amazonian Magic

With Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman being the only film to release prior to Justice League, it could be argued that they may be setting up some plotlines in film to a greater extent than first considered. While its not clear the level of faithfulness the upcoming film will be to Wonder Woman’s origins, in the comics she comes from a world of Gods and magic.

Justice League could easily pursue a plot where Wonder Woman goes to her home with the body of Superman and demands her people to use their magic to bring him back to life, or even the gods to restore the hero.

Kryptonian Technology

In Man of Steel it was revealed that Kal-El was infused with the entire genetic map of the Kryptonian people through the Codex. While that plot thread has yet to be picked back up, its possible that it could play a role in the return of Superman.

Another key element that could come into play is the genesis chamber. While Lex Luthor used it to create Doomsday, its possible that the minds of Batman or Cyborg could modify the chamber and create a healing machine instead of trying to clone him or anything else along those lines.

Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate is one of those characters that can act as a hail Mary whenever he is introduced. Longstanding rumors have tied Willem Dafoe to the role of Dr. Fate, and it could be possible that the character could be included to “deny fate” the death of a hero that is needed for the comic battle.


Current rumors for the film cite the primary antagonist of the film to be none other than Darkseid’s warrior Steppenwolf. While some argue that this is a weak villain for the teams first fight, its possible that one of the many tasks Steppenwolf could be charged with is to raise an army, and who better to recruit than the man of steel himself.

In the comics, and even the animated show from the 90s, Superman has been manipulated into becoming a soldier for Darkseid, and even the “Nightmare” scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice alluded to this very plot. But one thing that is different this time around is that Lois is still alive, and can easily be a key player in returning a brainwashed Superman back to the side of the heroes.

At this point fans can spend countless hours speculating how Superman could be brought back to the land of the living. They can scour comics, movies, and past shows for all the different ways the character has defied death in the past. But all the speculation aside, fans will see the hero return to the silver screen next year in the long awaited debut of the Justice League.

With the gravity of his death in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it goes without saying that his resurrection will likely be a significant part of the upcoming film. But one thing is clear, his return will herald a brand new version of our hero. In the closing moments of BvS, Superman finally became the hero we all know and love from the comics, and his resurrection will return that very hero to the fold.

Justice League (Part One) is currently set to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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