6 Reasons ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six Is Its Biggest Season Yet

Game of Thrones

It’s Game of Thrones weekend! The sixth season of the immensely-popular fantasy epic will finally hit small screens Sunday night at 9 p.m. HBO has spent the last two months steadily ramping up promotion for their defacto flagship series and for good reason – not only is it their longest-running and most successful series on air but it is also the first season made without one of author George R.R. Martin’s beloved A Song of Ice and Fire books as a basis (in a similar vein, writer/producer Bryan Cogman told Entertainment Weekly it’s best to look at the adaptation as the alternate universe of Westeros 2 relative to the books’ Westeros 1).

But that’s not all! Also covered this season (and here in this list) are questions about the death(?) of Jon Snow, whether the show can continue to top itself, how much Game of Thrones is left and when winter will finally come.

Click Next to begin the list! Beware, speculation and rumors abound!


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

Sam is a writer and journalist whose passion for pop culture burns with the fire of a thousand suns and at least three LED lamps.

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